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Haley Reinhart sparkly shoes on American Idol Top 3

Friday, May 20th, 2011

I received an email request to help identify the sparkling silver peep toe platform heels Haley wore on the American Idol Top 3 show on 5/18/11.  First, I must say, I was really sorry to see Haley get voted off this week because that girl has some killer pipes and great style to boot.  I’m sure she has a bright music career ahead of her though — shiny and bright like the shoes she wore in one of her looks from the Top 3 show (pictured above).  Haley donned a pair of sparkle pumps for her performance of the Fleetwood Mac song “Rhiannon” and, while these shoes do appear to have a dark silver uppper, possibly in glitter, I’m thinking that this black sequin pair is likely the one she wore:

This is the Guess Hondola 2, which is a style that has been released in several color options and has the same side cutouts, side buckle and black platform as Haley’s shoes.  And, as you can see in the stock photo, the sequins appear to reflect in silver and this effect is likely magnified under those bright American Idol lights, which might be why it appears to be more of a pewter color on the show.  Of course, it’s also possible that there is (or will be) a dark silver version of this pair, but I don’t see it available in this color right now.

You can find this shoe for $99 with free overnight shipping at Endless.  If you’d rather get your sparkle on in a different color, this pair also comes in blue sequins, gold glitter, silver sequins and a black glitter version with silver glitter platform, each for the same price (some options have free 2-day shipping rather than overnight).

Have a great weekend!

Update 5/23/11:  I also received some questions about Haley’s white platform shoes worn on the Top 3 results show.  After doing some digging, I found out that the shoes (pictured above) are custom designed by a shoe designer who goes by Ms. Misha on Twitter (@4MiShA).  I’m glad to be able to see these shoes up close and, wow, they are gorgeous!  If you want to find out more information, there is an email address listed on her Twitter page where you can contact her.

Haley photo from

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Lauren Alaina in buckle shoes on American Idol Top 4 + Lady Gaga shoe controversy

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Lady Gaga: Always blending in

It’s really getting down to the wire on American Idol now that only four contestants remain, at least until the results show tonight when it will be whittled down to just three.  It’s really hard to predict who will go home this week since they are all so good in their own ways, but I have to admit that I’m on Team Haley and Team Lauren right now (go ladies!).  The Idol hopefuls definitely have their game face on at this point in the competition, but we also have some shoes sharing the spotlight, like Lauren Alaina’s platform sandals that she wore while singing the Martina McBride song “Do It Anyway”.  I really enjoyed the performance and how she dedicated it to the people affected by the tornadoes that hit the South recently, but it was also great when Steven Tyler called her shoes out while judging her rendition of the song and said he loved her buckles.  Too funny, that guy.  Here’s a pic of Miss Lauren and said buckle shoes:

I had a hunch that these were Bebe, since we’ve seen Lauren in Bebe on the show a few times before, and that was confirmed via StyleList; however, I can’t locate the exact style.  It may be one that was previously available and sold out or one that is soon to be available (or maybe I’m just completely missing it!), but here are a couple of options I found for a similar overall look:

Mark + James Makayla for $225 with free overnight shipping at Endless.  Get 20% off $100 with coupon code MAYEVENT (exp. 5/12/11).

Bebe Austin for $110 at Macy’s.  Get an extra $10 off $50, $20 off $100, $30 off $150 or $50 off $200 in-cart, making these $90 if purchased without other items (exp. 5/12/11).

While Lauren’s towering platform sandals are dramatic enough for many people, this kind of shoe is mere child’s play for Lady Gaga, who mentored the contestants this week.  Gaga’s choice of footwear for the show has sparked some controversy across the net and it’s not because they are extraordinarily high (as you can see above) — it’s because the clear lucite heel of her shoes is in the shape of a certain part of the, ahem, male anatomy.  This is what she wore:

Leave it to Gaga to bring on the shock value with her provacative Void of Course shoes, which are said to cost around $4,500 (note that content/images at the link may be explicit).  Now, I’m not the type to get worked up by such things and you couldn’t see any detail on the shoes while watching the show (producers made sure of that).  But, even so, when you’re making an appearance on a family-centric show like American Idol, it probably isn’t the best time to bust out your best man parts shoes.  Just sayin’.

Photos from American Idol and Void of Course blog.

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Haley wears white flower shoes on American Idol Top 6 results + Lauren’s shoes

Monday, May 2nd, 2011

I’ve been out of commission for several days due to a power outage we experienced in my area after major tornadoes came through the south last week.  Not having power for five days wasn’t exactly fun, but it was definitely a minor inconvenience compared to the devastation many others have dealt with, like the loss of homes and lives.  My thoughts and prayers are with everyone affected by the storms and I’m very relieved and thankful that my loved ones are all safe.  I’m also happy to be up and running here on this shoe blog today so we can talk shoes!  And today we’re talking about American Idol shoes again!  I received a request on Facebook to help find the white shoes with floral detail that Haley Reinhart wore on the American Idol results show this past week (the 4/28/11 episode).  I didn’t see the show, for obvious reasons, but I did find the pictures above at and I did recognize the brand of these shoes immediately, mainly because of the heel:

Irregular Choice has made several different styles with this very cool translucent heel and I found what appears to be the exact pair Haley wore, Irregular Choice Can’t Touch This, at Irregular Choice, where they are available for $129.  I can’t tell if Haley’s shoes have the same all over pattern – they look solid white from the pics – but the stylists at American Idol are known to customize items for use on the show, so that may be the case here.  You can also find this style in beige, black or off white at Amazon for a sale price of $119 with free shipping (note: sale prices are subject to change) or at Akira for $129.90.

Also of note, it looks like Lauren Alaina wore the same Bebe shoes she wore to another results show.  It’s the Bebe Leah cork wedge sandal and it has a removable flower accent, so it appears she decided to go sans bloom this time around.  You can find these shoes in white, black or pink at Bebe for $129.

Images from

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Yellow shoes Haley wore on American Idol results show + Lea Michele at Coachella

Friday, April 22nd, 2011

I thought Haley Reinhart did an amazing job this week on American Idol with her rendition of Adele’s “Rolling in the Deep” and, although she did briefly end up in the bottom three on the 4/21/11 results show, she definitely looked cheerful and bright in her trendy colorblock look.  Haley wore an eclectic color combination consisting of a green skirt, an orange top and bright yellow heels (not to mention a gorgeous necklace).  I found these shoes, which look like a match for the style she wore:

I originally saw the Velvet Angels La Loco in “Sun” at Endless, where they are $294.95 with free 2-day shipping, but the tan/black version is priced lower at $162.22.  Then I found out that 6pm has the yellow pair on supersale for only $112.50 and shipping is also free!  Sweet!  The free shipping offer requires an order of $100 or more and ends 4/24/11.

Speaking of yellow shoes, we saw another notable pair in action on Glee’s Lea Michele.  She attended Coachella recently and E! Online reports that she may have been a bit of a mean girl at the event.  I don’t know what happened there, but I do know she had some cute shoes on.  Like Haley, she incorporated plenty of color with her playful orange and pink jumper paired with yellow wedge shoes.

I recognized her shoes as the Aldo Dyle (mentioned before here) and they are available for $100 at Aldo.  Coupon code 342725694 takes another 10% off for a limited time, making them $90.

Have a great weekend and a wonderful Easter!

AI photo from  Lea Michele photo from

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Shoes worn by Lauren Alaina on American Idol results show

Friday, April 1st, 2011

American Idol contestant Lauren Alaina wowed the audience this week with her rendition of the Elton John song “Candle In The Wind”, securing her a spot in next week’s Top 9.  Besides having an amazing voice, Lauren also has a really fun sense of style on the show and, if you watched her singing a duet with fellow Idol hopeful Scotty McCreery during the Top 11 Part 2 results episode, you may have taken note of her cute shoes (pictured above from 3/31/11).  She wore a platform wedge with a cutout along the bottom of the heel and a flower embellishment along the side of the ankle strap.  I recognized them as this pair:

This is the Bebe Leah cork wedge sandal in black and you can find them at for $129 with $4.95 for shipping.  They also come in pink or white options.

On a related note, Lauren wore the Chinese Laundry Money Maker during the Elton John performance, as noted on the Chinese Laundry Shoes blog.

Photo from American Idol

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Pink sparkly shoes inspired by Jennifer Lopez on American Idol Top 11 episode

Thursday, March 24th, 2011

Jennifer Lopez has provided style inspiration for many, many people throughout her career and that’s why it’s so fun to watch her on American Idol.  You never really know what kind of look she’ll be wearing, but we do know that she never shies away from the bling – and I love that about her.  She looked so feminine and pretty in her pink sequin top last night on American Idol (on 3/23/11), that I had to feature some footwear inspired by her look.  Take a cue from JLo and infuse something sparkly and pink in your own life with one of these shoes:

Bakers Victoria G pink glitter heels for $85 with free shipping at Bakers.


Chinese Laundry Hot Hot peep toe pumps in blush glitter for $69 with free shipping at Zappos.

Lose the heel, but not the shine, with the Bakers Glitz pink glitter flats for $42 at Bakers.

Photo from

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Fun Shoes for Friday: Fergie Krown Sandal + update Fergie shoes on American Idol

Friday, March 18th, 2011

I saw these hot shoes featured on Endless today as examples of the 70’s inspired platform shoes trend we’re seeing this spring.  I recognized the pair on the left, the Steve Madden Turnpyke, which is a great option for applying an additional trend, the orange trend I mentioned before.  But, I hadn’t seen the shoes on the right yet and, naturally, I had to find out who makes them.

Turns out, this is a new style from Fergie Shoes, the Fergie Krown, and I am definitely loving the multiple gold bands that wrap around the foot and the super-versatile mix of taupe and metallic.  For even more contrast, there’s the black and gold version:

Black and gold make such a nice pair, don’t they?

It’s even better that Endless is having their Friends and Family Sale right now, so you can get these for less if your order is over $100.  Apply coupon code MARFFEVT (exp. 3/18/11) to knock 25% off your total, which would make them $67.46 instead of $89.95.  Free overnight shipping also currently applies.



Update: Speaking of Fergie Shoes, Fergie herself wore some hot shoes from her line during the Black Eyed Peas performance on American Idol last Thursday (3/17/11), according to Fergie Shoes on Facebook.  She’s looking gorgeous in a customized version of the Fergie Bold, which you can find in stone or black at for $99 or at Fergie Shoes for the same price.

Have a wonderful weekend!


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