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Fairy Shoe Princess tracks coupons and coupon codes that can be applied to women’s online shoe purchases.  Coupon codes are readily available on the web for most stores and they can offer big-time savings for your purchases.  On a daily basis, the world of online coupons is ever-changing – new coupons are added, while others are expired.  If you are new to online coupons, there are a few things you should know.

Always Use a Coupon:  It’s always advisable to look for a coupon you can apply to your order before buying anything online.  Although some stores don’t offer coupons or rarely issue them, coupon codes are available for most online purchases and they aren’t always listed on the store’s website.  Once you do find the coupons you need, using them is a fairly easy process. 

How to Apply Coupons: At some point during checkout, you should see a box or an area where you can enter a coupon, promotional or source code.  Some stores show this area on the first page of checkout, while others show it after you enter other information, such as your shipping address or credit card information.  Enter the code and you should see your discount immediately (although in certain cases you may not see the discount until later in the checkout process).  Some discounts don’t require a coupon code, but will automatically apply during checkout.

Get the best discount:  Some retailers issue multiple coupon codes and it’s best to do a little basic math to decide which coupon will save you the most money.  For instance, you might find a “free shipping” coupon and “20% off” coupon for a particular online store.  The coupon that will work best depends on your order size and the shipping charges for your order.  For smaller orders, free shipping is usually ideal (20% off $20 is only $4 and shipping may be more), while larger orders might benefit more from a set percentage or dollar amount off (20% off $100 = $20 off, which is more than most stores charge to ship).  Although most stores don’t allow multiple coupons to be applied to an order, there are a few that will accept more than one, which can translate into even bigger savings.  In addition, many coupons can be used in combination with current sale prices or free shipping offers. 

Be sure the discount is applied: Before your purchase is complete, be sure that you received your extra savings.  If you aren’t sure how to apply a code at a particular website, check the help or FAQ section of the online store or contact them.  If you enter a code and you don’t see your discount, check for any messages that tell you why.  The code may be expired or it may not apply to your purchase.  In this case, it is best to look for another coupon.  If you don’t see a message or you otherwise don’t know why a code didn’t work for you, contact the online store for help.  It may be a simple error.  Some codes are case sensitive, while others may not work if a space is included on the end of the code (which can happen when the code is copied and pasted).  Or, it could be a technical glitch on the retailer’s site.   In any case, it is much easier to ask for your discount before you complete your purchase then to try and get it afterwards, when it’s unlikely the retailer will change your order. 

Exclusions always apply:  It’s hard to find a coupon code without exclusions, even if it appears to work on everything.  Unless specifically stated, discounts typically don’t apply to gift cards, gift wrap, prior purchases, taxes or store credit card payments.  Exclusions may also include certain brands or product categories.  When a coupon has a minimum purchase threshold, shipping charges and tax don’t count toward that requirement and shipping charges aren’t discounted unless specifically stated. 

Coupons expire at any time:  Retailers can discontinue a coupon or discount at any time, even before the expiration date provided.  Sometimes retailers don’t provide an expiration date, so it’s hard to tell how long it will work.  It’s always best to try the code and, if it doesn’t work, look for another one.  After codes are expired, many retailers release new codes to replace them.

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