A Woman’s Right to Something Blue Shoes…for less

Friday, May 18th, 2012

It’s hard to look at any royal blue satin heel with sparkly ornamentation at the toe, like the Glint Radiance pictured above, and not think of one thing: Sex and the City.  Of course, I’m talking about this shoe:

The Manolo Blahnik Something Blue, which is available at Bergdorf Goodman for $945, became a shoe icon after being featured prominently in the first Sex and the City movie and it’s inspired many a knockoff.  But, the Glint Radiance Pump (pictured top) is interesting because it has similar features of the Something Blue, but rather than being an exact replica, it’s actually a mish mash of it and another famous shoe style from the series:

The Manolo Blahnik Sedaraby d’orsay pump in silver (it also comes in blue) was one of the stars of the TV series in A Woman’s Right to Shoes.  Of course, this is the episode where Carrie attends a friend’s baby shower and the house rules are to take your shoes off at the door.  Carrie reluctantly does so and ends up having her shoes missing by the end of the party, which her friend offers to replace before finding out their price tag of $485.  This brought on some shoe shame by her friend for spending so much money on the shoes in the first place.  Of course, in the end, Carrie decides she does have a right to $485 shoes – and I quote, “The fact is, sometimes it’s really hard to walk in a single woman’s shoes. That’s why we need really special ones now and then to make the walk a little more fun” – so after spending so much on her friend’s wedding and baby gifts, she makes a point by registering herself at Manolo Blahnik for the shoes and the friend finally agrees to replace them.  Such a great episode.

The Sedaraby is still available now, but at $755, even die-hard lovers of SATC who would love to obtain Carrie’s shoe style may just find it well out of their reach.  That’s why the Glint Radiance is a great alternative that combines features of both Manolos I’m talking about here, without being an exact copy of either, but at a much more affordable price of $119.95 at Nordstrom.  Not to mention, it’s a beautiful shoe in its own right with a different style of jewel decor that makes it stand out on its own.  In particular, I’m sure many brides will love the gorgeous blue version at the top for a little something blue in their shoes, but there is an ivory version (pictured above) that would also be ideal for walking down the aisle.

Of course, even though the shoes do have a bridal slant to them, you certainly don’t have to be getting married to wear them, as Carrie clearly demonstrated in the show as a single shoe-loving girl.  I really like the silver version for being the kind of shoe you can have on hand for the times you need to get a bit fancy and one that would quite literally go with anything you want to wear it with.  Ok, maybe not everything, but metallic silver is definitely known for its extreme versatility.

Another notable thing about these shoes: They come in a wide range of sizes, from 4-12.

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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Purple wedding shoes in plum & more shades

Tuesday, May 1st, 2012

Since wedding season is upon us, we have plenty of brides looking for the ideal shoes to go along with their dress; thus, we have another bridal-themed Find My Shoes post today!  I received two requests recently from brides-to-be that are both looking for purple shoes for their big day.  First, we have Shannon, who is wearing the beautiful Alfred Angelo Belle dress (pictured above, left) and wants to find shoes in the shade of David’s Bridal plum.  She loves the look of the $230 High Society Heel at My Glass Slipper (pictured above, right), but needs something more affordable.  We also have Jessica, who wants to find an elegant, not-too-expensive style in bright purple.  So, I’ve been on the hunt for a plethora of pretty purple pumps that just might work for these ladies, or at least hopefully so.  Here’s what I found:

After looking at available options, I believe the best way to get the look of the High Society heel on a budget is to go with a shoe clip.  The nice thing about going this route is having more flexibility to choose the exact shoe style you want – for instance, has lots of dyeable wedding shoes under $100 in various heel heights and 4 shades of purple to choose from.  A simple, but dressy heel, like the dyeable satin Touch Ups Flash-647 (pictured above, left) could work well and it’s affordably priced at $54 with a $14 dye fee.  You can then pick out a shoe clip and I tend to like the wide selection of options at Etsy.  The floral shoe clip pictured above is $24 in gold or silver and I think it would look really nice contrasted with purple.  When you combine the cost of the shoe and the shoe clip, it totals $92, which is less than half the cost of the High Society style.

Here are some ready-made options I found (Note: I tried to get as close as possible to the requested plum shade, but I am basing this solely on the picture, which may not always be exact):

Allure Bridals Starlight for $79.95 with free shipping at Shoebuy.  Coupon code SPRING15 takes 15% off (expiration unknown).

RSVP Cailyn for $99 with free shipping at Zappos.

Nina Elke for $99 with free shipping from Zappos.

Coloriffics Rave for $99.95 with free shipping at Endless.  Spend $100 or more on eligible styles, including this one, and get 20% off with coupon code FORMAL12 (exp 5/7/12).  The base color of these shoes appears lighter, but the stones are a darker purple.

Poetic Licence Spectacle in purple for $62 with free shipping from Must Have Shoes or $79 with free shipping from Planet Shoes.

Touch Ups by Benjamin Adams Bev for $61.99 with free shipping from  Coupon code SECRET20 takes 20% off (exp unknown).

Bourne Susie in Aubergine for $136.85 with free shipping from Endless.

Poetic Licence Force of Nature, an option that’s a bit different than the rest, but still has plenty of purple, for $89.40 at Dillards or $109 at Must Have Shoes, both with free shipping.

Now for some bright purple options.  I included more variety as far as the actual shade goes with these shoes since bright purple can mean different things to different people.  Of course, it’s the bride’s call to determine what exact shade will work for her, so here are some possibilities to consider:

Charles by Charles David Glacee in purple for $125.34 with free shipping from Endless.

Dyeables Lacey in purple for $69.99 with free shipping at  Coupon code SECRET20 takes 20% off (exp unknown).

Coloriffics Miley in purple for $69.95 with free shipping from Endless.  Spend $100 or more on eligible styles, including this one, and get 20% off with coupon code FORMAL12 (exp 5/7/12).

Ivanka Trump Alluvia for $82.11 with free shipping at Endless.

H by Halston Abigail for $59.99 at Bakers (for the platform lovers!).

Steve Madden Hadley-R for $119.95 at Steve Madden and coupon code SMSPRING15 takes 15% off $75 and gives free shipping for a limited time.

Lulu Townsend Blossom wedge for $54.95 at DSW.  Members get free shipping on $35 with coupon code SHIPR through 6/20/12.

Nine West Devika for $49.99 with free shipping at 6pm.

Pour La Victoire Evelia for $74.50 with free shipping at Endless.

J.Renee Rosina in multi for $79.95 with free shipping at Endless.  This option clearly isn’t solid purple, but if you look close at the glitter, there is plenty of purple mixed in, so it could be really pretty.

Congratulations to both brides!

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Shoes Seen On TV Part 2: Rose Byrne on Chelsea Lately & Jill Zarin on Real Housewives reunion

Thursday, August 4th, 2011

As I mentioned in Part 1 of my Shoes Seen On TV posts, I have even more hot shoes from the small screen to talk about, so let’s just jump right into Part 2, shall we?  Pictured above, we have Rose Byrne, who went on Chelsea Lately wearing some statement-making stunners that Chelsea Handler complimented right away when Rose walked out.  I most definitely recognized the Kirkwood aesthetic going on:

Rose wore the Nicholas Kirkwood Lace-Up Lace Platform Sandal, which can be found at Bergdorf for a whopping $1,195.  These are ah-mazing, but definitely not a viable option for every budget.  To get a style that’s comparable, but much less expensive, check out this pair:

The Sole Boutique Sydney is certainly Kirkwood-inspired with the similar silhouette and crisscross lace detail in the front, but it differs with its trendy cutout platform and even higher heel: 6 inches (wowza) compared to the 5 1/3 inches on the Kirkwoods.  You can find these at Karmaloop for $50 and coupon code 10OFF takes $10 off for a limited time.

Moving right along to The Real Housewives, where my little eye can always spy some fab footwear — the New York reunion show was no exception.  Now, these reunions are all about stirring up a little controversy but, I must say, some of the “mean girl” behavior went a little far this time (I’m looking at you brunettes! Yeah, ok, Ramona too).  However, the ladies always play it nice when it comes to their reunion fashion and I particularly liked Jill Zarin’s look, which included gorgeous lace bow heels.  They appear to be this pair:

The Valentino Bow Trim Lace Pump is $885 at Nordstrom, but here are some similarly lacey options that come in at much less:

The Chinese Laundry Hotline in black, which is $70 at Bakers.

The Paris Hilton Senorita in lace for $94.99 with free shipping at

Now a final question: Have you seen any shoes on TV lately that made you swoon?  Do share!

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Teal bridal wedding shoes in today’s Find My Shoes

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

I had a request from my new Facebook friend, Laura, a bride-to-be who is looking for teal wedding shoes to match the absolutely beautiful dress (pictured above) that she picked for her big day.  Specifically, she wants to find teal satin heels from 3-4″ in a peep toe d’orsay style with knotted detail or a bit of bling on the front.  I’m happy to help out and I think teal is such a great color, but it can be tricky to find in shoes.  Here are some styles that match all or most of the criteria Laura is looking for, making them viable options for walking down the aisle in gorgeous style:

First, we have the turquoise satin Paris Hilton Suarey.  While it isn’t knotted in the front, it does have a pleated side bow that adds visual interest and you could always add something like these shoe clips (or perhaps these) for some added sparkle over the middle piece of the bow.  These shoes are $95 at and you can apply coupon code SECRET20 for an extra 20% off through 7/5/11.

Then we have another style from the same brand, the Paris Hilton Spelled in turquoise satin.  While it’s listed as the same color as the Suarey, this one strikes me as being more of a true teal shade, at least from this photo.  It isn’t d’orsay or peep toe, but has the knotted front and some pretty bling along the top of the heel. has this style for $109 and you can get 20% off with the coupon code listed above.  For additional size options, try or

While the Paris Hilton shoes are nice ready-made options, it might be best to try custom bridal shoes to really fine tune the details.  My Glass Slipper offers a wide selection of designer shoes for brides, many of which can be dyed in your choice of the variety of colors they have available.  Its sister site is similar, but offers less expensive wedding shoes under $100.  The Pink Hot style pictured above, shown in teal, is priced at $89 with an extra $10 charge to dye it.  They have many more shoes to choose from at various price points, but here are some I found that have all (or many) of the features Laura is looking for and can be ordered in white and then dyed teal for $10 extra:

Stuart Weitzman Knotted in white for $289.  Note that some sizes won’t be available until September.

Benjamin Adams Salma for $199.

Paris Hilton Senorita for $120.  You can dye the bow and toe area one color and the rest of the shoe a different color if desired, which is pretty cool.

Liz Rene Saskia for $92.

Pink Saffron for $80.

Pink Kiss for $80.

Note that once shoes are ordered and dyed, they are not returnable.  However, they do offer Try-N-Dye, which is where you order the shoes to try them on and ensure they will work for you, then return them to get dyed (see site for details).  You can also order a swatch of your desired color for $1.

Congrats to Laura and hopefully this will help out!

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Fun Shoes for Friday: Rachel Roy Eviana tie-dye heels

Friday, March 4th, 2011

I’ve had tie-dye shoes on my radar ever since Gwyneth Paltrow attended the Country Music Awards late last year wearing an all-out glam Versace gown paired with tie-dye heels by Christian Louboutin.  It was a somewhat unexpected choice for her shoes, since tie-dye is normally considered a more casual, boho look, but they coordinated perfectly with the ombre effect of her dress.  It’s an example of tie-dye gone fancy, but I loved the look and that’s why I’m also loving these adorable Rachel Rachel Roy Eviana heels.  Although I won’t be donning Versace with Louboutins à la Gwyneth anytime soon, these shoes convey a similar, more casual look that would work well with cute little spring dresses, jeans, leggings or pretty much anything else you can think of.  They also go along nicely with the spring denim trend I mentioned before.  You can get them at Rachel Roy for $99 or at Macy’s for the same price.  This pretty pink and grey reptile version is available as well:

I hope everyone has a great weekend!

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Find My Shoes: Purple satin peep toe heels with crystal detail

Thursday, March 3rd, 2011

It seems a lot of people are on the hunt for the perfect pair of purple shoes, like in another recent Find My Shoes post, and I’m all too happy to help out in the search because I definitely find myself drawn to this pretty shade too.  This time, we have Sara, who mentioned on Facebook that she is looking for a dark purple satin pair with clear crystal detail.  I checked into it and found some shoes that just might fit the bill based on her description (or at least come close).  Here are the options I came across:

The Nina Nabal in purple for $44.98 plus shipping at 6pm or $65 with free shipping at Zappos (MSRP $89.95).

The Menbur Narya in purple for $106.31 (list $124) with free 2-day shipping from Endless.  I’m loving the sparkle down the heel.

The Menbur Chloe for $138.81 (list $184) with free 2-day shipping from Endless.  We don’t have all clear stones on this one, but it’s still a viable option.  Also, check out more in purple from Menbur here (I’m loving the Arda).

The Paco Mena Pelori for $95 with free 2-day shipping at Endless, plus more purple heels from the same brand.

The Miss Me Jocelyn-27 in purple for $46.33 (most sizes) with free shipping at Amazon.

Hopefully this will help, but it’s also worth noting that Facebook friend Crystal Couture out of the UK does custom crystal shoes, so that may be something to check into as well.  They have the purple Crystal Snowdrops (scroll down to see it) as an option.

Update:  Here’s another gorgeous purple pair, the Steve Madden Luvly.  Find it at Steve Madden for $129.95.

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Spring shoe trends 2011: Orange shoes

Thursday, January 20th, 2011

I don’t know about you, but I’m ready for things to heat up for spring.  Although it’s still plenty cold outside and will be for quite awhile, I find that just looking at something sizzling hot can help conjure up a feeling of warmth, even if only for a brief minute.  That’s why I’m talking about a fiery new color trend for spring today: orange shoes.  I’ve been noticing a lot of orange around lately, most notably on Drew Barrymore in Jil Sander at a recent Cover Girl party and all over the runways, as seen on SheFinds and The Fashion Spot.  I’ve always loved orange because it’s such a warm hue and, in it’s brightest form, made for super-high visibility.  It also sets off a tan very well, which is always a plus (if you have a tan, that is).  But, generally speaking, it’s probably one of the more under-used colors in fashion, especially for footwear.  If you want to apply this trend to your shoes, which is is a nice way to add a pop of color in this shade without running the risk of orange overload, you might try one of these pairs:

Nine West Playtag for $79 at Nine West.

Charles David Primp for $230 at Endless.

Mojo Moxy Bollywood for $89.95 at Endless.

Seychelles Gypsy for $54.90 at Endless.

Two Lips Ignite for $99.95 at Endless.

Anne Klein Marcella for $39.99 at Shoe Woo with an extra 50% off at checkout (limited sizes, all sales are final).

Update: Here’s another cute orange pair, the Fergie Quilla for $89 with free shipping at  Coupon code VISA takes 20% off regularly-priced items, making them $71.20 (exp. 6/30/11, may require Visa payment).

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