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Message from Princess: The highs & lows of shoes in 2009

Thursday, December 31st, 2009

Happy New Year’s!  With 2010 mere hours away, it’s that time of year when everyone thinks about the upcoming year and what it holds.  Of course, we also like to take a moment to look back at 2009 and all of the crazy, interesting and otherwise memorable events that happened throughout the year.  Shoes are no exception.  There’s always something new going on in the world of footwear and we definitely had plenty to talk about in the past year.  So, before we jump into 2010, let’s take one more look at some of the notable shoe news of 2009.  I’m also going to share a few of my own shoe purchases.  Each can be classified as a high or a low, as you will see here:

High: The number of survey respondents that reportedly remember their first pair of shoes over their first kiss, reported by Telegraph UK.  92% off 1,000 women say they remember the first shoes they bought with their own money, but less than 2 in 3 (which I guess would be around 67% or less) remembered the name of the person they first smooched.  Personally, I’m a bit skeptical.  As much as I love shoes, I’m a little vague about the first pair I bought.  I had a part-time job at 16 and, back then, I often had the luxury of devoting entire paychecks (albeit small ones) to clothes and shoes.  I think it may have been these brown leather MIA platform sandals that I loved and wore and wore until I could wear them no more, but I’m not certain.  I definitely remember the name of the person I first kissed though, so I must be in the minority on this one.

Low: The amount Titan Industries Inc. reportedly paid to buy shoe company Penny & Kenny Shoes LLC, who filed for bankruptcy earlier this year.  There was a motion filed to sell all company assets for $150,000, including the Penny Loves Kenny trademark.  While that’s a lot of money for the average individual, it seems like a bargain for Titan, whose mix of brands include Betsey Johnson, L.A.M.B., Bebe and Badgley Mischka.  Penny Loves Kenny will provide a “purely juniors” brand to their lineup, something they lacked before.

High: Despite a struggling economy, people are still buying shoes.  There are a few theories on why we’re still seeing strong sales in this area: shoes are generally considered more of a necessity than things like new handbags or dresses, they are often more moderately priced and have a lower cost-per-wear than other purchases and they can instantly spruce up an older outfit.  Of course, they also make us feel good and women “get an emotional lift from shoe shopping in a way they do not when trying on jeans and cocktail dresses.”  Eileen Lewis of Zappos also notes that many consumers are purchasing shoes in bright colors like red and yellow, which can provide an uplifting boost.

Low: The infamous Barbie cankle comment made by Christian Louboutin, who has partnered with Mattel to “serve as a yearlong godfather to Barbie, not just rethinking her fashion wardrobe and physical attributes, but also art directing her in different lifelike situations”.  Actually, I don’t think he ever used the word “cankle”, but a Louboutin spokesperson said “He found her ankles were too fat,” which sparked a frenzy across the net.  Many Barbies laughed it off, but unfortunately one Barbie didn’t react so well to the news:

“What? Christian Louboutin said I have fat ankles?  You mean THE Christian Louboutin, my godfather, right?  He really said that?”

“No he didn’t.  Seriously?!  I don’t have cankles…do I?”

“OMG, I have cankles, don’t I?!”

Her beau Ken wasn’t too happy either…

“Dude, why?  This is all I’ve been hearing about.  I told her she’s Barbie, she’s perfect, but she won’t listen.  She’s even talking plastic surgery now – and she’s already plastic!  I can’t talk her out of it.  Thanks, man, thanks.”

Louboutin later clarified, saying “…fat ankles she didn’t have, she just could have had thinner ankles.  That’s all.” and Barbie was somewhat consoled.  Luckily, all was completely forgiven when she saw the Barbie shoes he designed and the ultra-pink pair he made for real-life dolls, the Christian Louboutin Claudia:

High: Speaking of Louboutin, I’d say the shoe of the year would have to be his Bridget Strass:

It’s been seen on a multitude of celebrities, featured in the upcoming Sex and the City 2 movie, worn by Kandi on The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion and by Jennifer Lopez in the AMA and MTV Music Video Awards performances of her song “Louboutins”.  This shoe is definitely hot, for good reason. 

Update: Check out the Christian Louboutin Bridget lookalike shoe that I found.


Low: J.Lo’s said new song “Louboutins”, which I’m not really feeling.  Theoretically, a song about Louboutins could work, but the execution of this one seems a bit off.  All I seem to hear is “part-time lover” mentioned a few times, followed by a repetitive string of “Louboutins” – 45 times to be exact.  It’s the type of song with the potential to get hopelessly stuck in your head.  Apparently, Christian Louboutin loves the song and was flattered to hear about it, but I have to wonder – was this song simply born out of Lopez’s love for the shoes or was it a brand placement deal struck between her and Louboutin?  After all, having a song featuring his brand name would serve to further entrench his shoes into pop culture, thus furthering his quest for world domination:

Yes, I’m totally speculating, but you never know.

High: The buzz generated by Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 shoes, which had to be the most talked about shoes of the year.  I’m sure it’s hard for designers to continuously come up with new and different shoes that stand out, but these certainly did.  Although they don’t seem very wearable in real life, it’s no surprise that extreme dresser Lady Gaga was one of the first to don them, in her video for “Bad Romance”.

High: The number of celebrities jumping on the shoe design bandwagon.  Victoria Beckham, Heidi Klum, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen (Olsenboye for JCPenney and Elizabeth and James), Dinah Lohan, Fergie, Nicole Richie and more celebs either started shoe lines or announced them in 2009.  Plus, Britney Spears promoted for Candies and designers like Christian Siriano and Jimmy Choo created lines for budget-friendly Payless and H&M, respectively.  Now we have news that Lindsay Lohan will be expanding her 6126 leggings label to include a full-line of apparel, cosmetics, handbags, jewelry and, yes, shoes.

Now, here’s a few shoes I purchased this year that I’d like to share:

Low: The price I paid for this Betsey Johnson Layla heel, which I adore.  They originally retailed for $225, but I happened to spot them on clearance at Victoria’s Secret, inconspicuously listed as “floral sandal”.  They were listed for $89.99 at the time and they had a 20% off coupon, which I missed, but they were later marked down to $79.99, which was much lower than I ever saw anywhere else.  I opted for the black version, figuring it would work with more outfits, but I still kind of covet the pink pair.  Unfortunately, it appears they are sold out everywhere online.

High: The amount of shoe love I have for this Naughty Monkey Resurrection heel, which I purchased in champagne.  I got a good deal on these as well because Shoemall briefly had a 30% off coupon, which reduced them from $74.99 to $52.47.  They are really pretty, particularly the detail on the back, and they are still available (sizes are very limited in champagne and red).  Coupon code 15AMAZON takes 15% off.

High: My neon yellow shoes from Wet Seal.  Ok, I admit it, I actually got these because I was inspired by an extra wearing a similar pair in the N.E.R.D. video “Everyone Nose (All The Girls Standing In The Line For The Bathroom)”.  I had a hard time finding anything like them at the time, but spotted this pair on clearance at Wet Seal for a mere $5, so I figured I had nothing much to lose.  I didn’t expect the quality to be high or anything, but the main issue is they are so, so uncomfortable, like right when you put them on.  I also tried them on with a few things and nothing seemed to look right.  Thus, I haven’t worn them at all.  So, why am I calling this a high?

There is one little shoe princess who has a penchant for raiding closets and happens to love this pair.  It tends to be the one she picks out nearly everytime she feels like dressing up, which I suppose is because they are super-bright and shiny and very yellow, which immediately attracts her eye.  Of course, she usually wears them for a very short time and abandons them after they slow her down a little too much.  But, I must say, it’s been priceless to watch her clomp around the house in them.

I happened to try them on with some black leggings and it finally worked.  Someday, if the right mood and occasion somehow meet, I’ll probably wear them…just as long as I’m not doing any walking.

I hope everyone has a fabulous New Year and here’s to plenty more shoe buzz in 2010!

One Day Only Cyber Monday Shoe Sales & Discounts

Monday, November 30th, 2009

We’ve had turkey day, we’ve had Black Friday…now it’s time for Cyber Monday!  Since today is the traditional day for shopping online while working (naughty, naughty!), we’re seeing a lot of shoe stores pulling out the big gun discounts for your shoe shopping savings.  All of these sales are good today, 11/30/09, only:

Adidas 25% off orders and free shipping on $49

Amazon $25 off $80 on select shoes sold by Amazon

American Eagle Free shipping no minimum at checkout

Arden B 30% off sitewide and free shipping on $15

Bebe $10 off $10 with coupon code SURPRISE and free shipping no minimum

Betsey Johnson: 40% off with coupon code CYBERFEST

Bloomingdales $50 off $250 at checkout.

Chinese Laundry 25% off with coupon code CYBER2009

DSW 25% off with coupon code SAVE25

Eddie Bauer 25% off and free shipping with coupon code CYBMON25 (excludes clearance)

Endless: $30 off $100 at checkout

Famous Footwear: 20% off with coupon code CYBER09 that combines with current BOGO sale.

GbyGuess: $25 off $75 with coupon code CYBER25 and free shipping on $100 or more.  Extra 50% off clearance shoes at checkout. 25% off regularly-priced items and 60% off sale items at checkout.  Shipping is free on $100 or more with coupon code GUESSFREE.

Kate Spade Extra 25% off sale items at checkout and free shipping

Kohls: 15% off any order and free shipping on $75 or more with coupon code CYBER15 and 20% off $100 and free shipping with coupon code CYBER20.

Macy’s Cyber Monday Sale with Web Busters, extra 25% off clearance, hundreds of sale shoes and free shipping on $75 with coupon code CYBER $25 off $100 with coupon code 9CYBER

Piperlime 20% off and free shipping with coupon code MONDAY.  Also applies to Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta orders.

Reebok 40% off with coupon code CYBER40

Shoemall 20% off and free shipping with coupon code SHOEMALL 20% off and free shipping with coupon code CYBER

Shoesteal 60-90% off sale and extra 20% off with coupon code STEAL (all sales final)

Steve Madden 35% off $59.95 and free shipping with coupon code CYBER35

Wet Seal 20% off sitewide and free shipping on $15

I’ll add more as I see them today.  You can also check out my Black Friday discounts post for more sales and coupons.

Message From Princess: 2009 Black Friday Shoes Sales

Tuesday, November 24th, 2009

It’s hard to believe Black Friday is already upon us, but here it is, and retailers are all vying to get your shoe business this holiday season.  Of course, you’ll need to know where all those shoe sales are, so I’ve started this list of all the Black Friday shoe sales I’ve seen.  This will be the master list that I add new sales to and remove expired sales from, which means you’ll have the most up-to-the-moment information on where you can get your shoe discount this holiday weekend (and beyond).  I’ll post this in the slideshow feature at the top of my homepage if you need to refer back to it.  Now, on to the sales:

6pm: Gabriella Rocha shoes for $6.95

Adidas: 25% off orders and free shipping on $49 11/30 only.

Aeropostale: $5 off $25 with coupon code 5GIFT until 11/30.

ALDO: 50-70% off shoes in the clearance section and free shipping on all orders until 11/30.

Alloy: 20% off with coupon code AFF20A until 12/3.

Amazon: $25 off $80 on select shoes sold by Amazon 11/30 only.

American Eagle: Free shipping no minimum at checkout 11/30 only.

Arden B: 30% off sitewide 11/30 only.  Free shipping on $15, no code required, until 12/18.  20% off with coupon code ABBDAY0509 until 12/31.

Bebe: $10 off $10 with coupon code SURPRISE and free shipping no minimum 11/30 only.  15% off $100 with coupon code 15OFF100 until 12/24.

Betsey Johnson: 40% off with coupon code CYBERFEST until 11/30.

Bloomingdales: $50 off $250 on 11/30

Chinese Laundry: 25% off with coupon code CYBER2009 until 11/30 and 60% off any 2nd pair of boots.

Couture Candy: 20% off with coupon code SHOP20 until 12/1.

Delias: 20% off with coupon code 4YOU20 until 12/3.

Dr. Martens: 35% off regularly-priced items with coupon code DMFF3509 and free shipping until 12/18.

DSW: 25% off with coupon code SAVE25 on 11/30.

Eddie Bauer: 25% off and free shipping with coupon code CYBMON25 (excludes clearance) 11/30 only.

Endless: $30 off $100 on 11/30.

Famous Footwear: 20% off with coupon code CYBER09 on 11/30 only and buy one pair of shoes, get 50% off 2nd pair until 1/2/10

FlyJane: Coupon code THANKS takes $5 off $25 until 12/31.

GbyGuess: $25 off $75 with coupon code CYBER25 and free shipping on $100 or more until 11/30.  Extra 50% off clearance shoes at checkout until 11/30. 25% off regularly-priced items and 60% off sale items at checkout until 11/30.  Shipping is free on $100 or more with coupon code GUESSFREE until 11/30.

JCPenney: Free shipping on $25 with coupon code 25MERRY until 11/30.

J.crew: Extra 20% off sale items and free shipping on $150 or more with coupon code EXTRA20 until 11/29.

J.Jill: 25% off and free shipping on $150 with code CYBER9 until 12/1.

Kate Spade: Extra 25% off sale items at checkout and free shipping 11/30 only.

Kohls: 15% off any order and free shipping on $75 or more with coupon code CYBER15 and 20% off $100 and free shipping with coupon code CYBER20 on 11/30.

Lord & Taylor: 15% off regular and sale items with coupon code THANKS until 11/30.

Macy’s: Cyber Monday Sale with Web Busters, extra 25% off clearance, hundreds of sale shoes and free shipping on $75 with coupon code CYBER until 11/30.

Newport News: 25% off with coupon code 579 until 11/30.

Nike Store: Extra 25% off clearance shoes with coupon code VICTORY until 12/1.  You can also apply coupon code GIFT for free shipping.

Old Navy: Shipping is free on $50 or more until 12/15. $25 off $100 with coupon code 9CYBER 11/30 only.

Payless: Buy 1, get 50% off second pair BOGO sale until 12/1/09.

Piperlime: 20% off and free shipping with coupon code MONDAY until 11/30.  Also applies to Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic and Athleta orders.

Ralph Lauren: 25% off with coupon code HOL2009 until 12/7.

Reebok 40% off with coupon code CYBER40 11/30 only.

Shoemall: 20% off and free shipping with coupon code SHOEMALL until 11/30. 20% off and free shipping with coupon code CYBER on 11/30.  20% off with coupon code ENJOY09 until 12/31.

Shoesteal: 60-90% off sale and extra 20% off with coupon code STEAL (all sales final) on 11/30.  Free $25 gift card with orders $100 or more through 12/27.

Skechers: $20 off $100 with coupon code THANKS20 until 11/30.

Smartbargains: 30% off boots and 30% off BCBG brand items.

Steve Madden: 35% off $59.95 and free shipping with coupon code CYBER35 on 11/30.  30% off and free shipping with coupon code MADDEN30 until 12/7 or 25% off and free shipping with coupon code MADDEN25 until 12/7.

Timberland: $20 off $100 and free shipping with coupon code CYBERMON until 12/1.

Urban Outfitters: 20% off $100 with coupon code GIFTED until 12/15.  Free shipping on $75 with coupon code FREEBIRD until 11/30 or 10% off with coupon code MERRYHAPPY until 12/15.

Victoria’s Secret: 20% off with coupon code VSSAVE20 until 12/2 (excludes Ugg & Frye).

Wet Seal: 20% off siteweide and free shipping on $15 on 11/30. Get 20% off 1 item with code WS4420 until 12/24.

It’s worth noting that every coupon code or discount has exclusions, so the item you want to purchase may or may not be eligible.  Also, sales or coupons can end early or be discontinued at any time, so be sure to verify your discount before completing checkout.  This list will be maintained until the end of the day on Cyber Monday, which is 11/30/09.  Happy shoe shopping!

Hot Shoe Trends Fall 2009: Sequin Shoes

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

If there’s one thing I learned from season 2 of The Rachel Zoe Project, it’s that sequins are super-hot.  Rachel wore sequins several times on the show and says on her website, “virtually every designer sent sequins flying down the runways” for fall.  It’s an ideal time for a sequin trend given how perfect they are for holiday party wear, but sequins are no longer relegated to just evening looks. They can add instant glam to just about anything, even simple jeans and a tee.  In particular, I like sequins on shoes because it’s a great way to apply the trend without the risk of overdoing it.   Plus, when you have shiny, happy feet, the rest of you tends to feel that way too.  So, go ahead, add a little sparkle to your life in one of these pretty pairs:

Betsey Johnson Kanata in blue or magenta for $200 with free shipping at Zappos.  I so need these in my life.  Like immediately.  Update: The blue version of the Kanata is now $204 at Zappos, but the magenta pair is now marked down to $160.



The gorgeous Nina Erna pump in burgundy or black for $99.95 at Shoemall.  Get 15% off with code 15AMAZON, which makes them $84.96 with free shipping.




Sparkle and save in the Forever 21 Sequin Holiday Pump.  It’s just $22.80 and comes in black or gold.





Or, get another low-priced pair in pink, the Wet Seal Sequin Pump for $24.50 at Wet Seal.  It also comes in gold or silver.





Go for a gold pair with this Lumiani Jeanna for $105 with free shipping at Zappos.





Lose the heel, not the shine, in the Free People Eclipse Sequin Flat.  It comes in blue, pink or black and is on sale for $49.95 (originally $88).





Spend even less on a sequin flat at American Eagle.  The AE Sequin Flat in black or silver is $34.50.




Or, get a dolled-up pair of sequin sneakers, like the Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Sequins shoe for $85 at  Spend less with the Gotta Flurt Sparkle Sequin Sneaker for $29.95 at DSW or the high-top Sequin High shoe for $28.99 at LoveMyShoes (coupon S15FALL takes 15% off until 10/23).

Halloween costumes shoes that rock (just like candy corn)

Sunday, October 11th, 2009

Halloween is just around the corner and, let’s face it, it’s still way fun to dress-up on the big day, even as adults.  If you plan on going all-out this Halloween by donning a costume, the shoes you wear can certainly make or break your look.  You may have the perfect costume, but you’ll also need the perfect Halloween shoes to really set it off.  Some closet staples, like tall black boots or black mary jane heels usually work well, but you might want to take it up a notch and wear a costume shoe you wouldn’t normally wear in everyday life.  Even if you don’t plan to dress in costume, you can always wear shoes that channel your inner Halloween spirit.  So, let’s get in character and take a look at the shoes:

Argh, matey!  These Leg Avenue boots are the perfect pirate shoes.  They also have great potential for renaissance and medieval looks.  Get them for $68.95 with free shipping at Shoebuy, then apply 20% off coupon code COLUMBUS to drop them to $55.16.  Coupon expiration is unknown, but likely ends 10/12/09.


Planning to be a pretty Pocahantas?  Get these Indian Halloween costume shoes with fringe for $32.93 with free shipping at Amazon.  Or, go for a flat with this Wanted Fringe Sandal for $19.99 at Delias.



Cute little elf costumes need this Funtasma elf boot with curled toe and decorative silver balls hanging from the top.  This would also work well for fairies or Robin Hood-themed styles.  The green pair is $50.90 with free shipping at Amazon.  It’s also available in red or black for various prices depending on your selection.


Sailing the high seas this Halloween?  You’ll definitely need an appropriate pair of sailor shoes, like these Blue Sailor Heels from Hot Topic for $32.99.  If you’re logged in to your Hot Topic account, get 20% off with coupon code WELCOME.  Amazon also has the Leg Avenue Matey Pump starting at $36.89.



Princesses, angels and other girly costumes need a sparkly heel to complete the look.  This silver glitter heel is $26.99 at BuyCostumes.  For Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz shoes, check out the red glitter heel at Amazon for $39.95 with free shipping.



If you’ll be a naughty little devil this year, try the Funtasma devil shoe in red for $21.95 at Amazon.  A black version is also available for $17.55.



Potential witches might instead opt for this Ellie pointed toe pump with buckle, which is $30.16 in black or red at Amazon.  This witch platform oxford is also a good choice at $26.35.  Shipping is free.



Feel the buzz when you wear this pair with your busy bumblebee costume.  Get the bumblebee mary jane at Amazon for $33.37 with free shipping. 



If a ladybug is your insect costume of choice, try the Pleaser ladybug mary jane.  Find it at Amazon for $31.59 (most sizes) with free shipping.



Channel your inner diva in these Funtasma goddess heels at Amazon starting at $41.70.  These will also work for Cleopatra costumes, gladiators, toga outfits and more.  A flat goddess sandal is available at Sears for $18.99.



A naughty school girl or sexy scottish outfit just wouldn’t be complete without plaid, like this plaid mary jane pump.  Get it for $24.99 at Charlotte Russe.  10% off and free shipping are yours with their OCTOBER1 coupon code.


Cowgirls, add a little bling to your boot with this metallic cowboy boot from Wet Seal for $42.50.  If you prefer something a bit more classic, try this cowboy boot in cognac or dark brown for $44.50.  Get free shipping on $15 or more using coupon code FREE09 at checkout.


Pretty kitty costumes seem much more complete with a sexy leopard platform heel.  This extra-high 6″ pair is $59.99 at Hot Topic.  If you’re logged in to your Hot Topic account, get 20% off with coupon code WELCOME.  Another option is this Penthouse leopard heel for $44.99.


If you’re still not sure which shoes will work, go for the go-go boot.  This style works with virtually any costume and is available in 13 color options at Amazon, so you’re sure to find the perfect shade.  Most size/color combinations are $33.04 with free shipping.


Here’s some more shoes you can wear to get into the Halloween mood, costume or not.

T.U.K. A7567L skull and roses pump for $45 with free overnight shipping at Endless.




T.U.K. Cat Mary Janes for $38.95 with free shipping at Amazon.




Sugar Skulls low-top sneaker for $19.99 at Amazon.




Skull & crossbones ballet flats for $41.99 with free shipping at Amazon.  Use coupon code PERCENT5 to get an extra 5% off.



Volatile Rebel Boot with skull design for $74.95 at Shoemall.  Use 20% off code BML20 to drop them to $59.96 with free shipping.



Michael Antonio Skull Boots for $14.99 at Amazon.




Happy Halloween!

Shoe Buzz: Fergie rocks neon shoes + one of her own styles

Sunday, March 29th, 2009

*Update* This post is from 2009.  See the latest posts on neon shoes for more.

Fergie created some buzz recently at the 34th Annual March of Dimes Beauty Ball with her newly dark hair and her super-bright neon orange and black Jimmy Choo Loop sandals.  The look is certainly edgy and totally rock ‘n’ roll, so it begs the question: Is neon emerging as a trend once again this year? People Style Watch says yes – they list neon as one of the top spring trends in their March 2009 edition.  Even so, some people may shy away from neon because of its potential to go terribly wrong (like those squint-inducing 80’s get-ups), but the look can also be oh-so-right (like this hot style from Mary-Kate Olsen last year).  The trick to wearing neon, as you’ve probably heard before, is to keep it minimal and pair it with neutrals to avoid color overkill.  Think black, white and tan with a pop of bright neon for maximum impact.  If you’re ready to work this trend, here are some hot-hued styles to try:

Left to right: Guess Innocent for $109.95 at Zappos, Davis by Ruthie Davis Pixel for $235.48 at Amazon, Luichiny Que for $112 at after 20% off ENTSHOES09 coupon code, Farylrobin Poppy Platform for $229.95 at Endless, Rocket Dog Neon Sandal for $29.50 at Delias after $10 off DXCGIFT coupon code (exp. 3/31), Wet Seal Patent Buckle Sandal for $12.50 at Wet Seal, Guess Carrie for $73.60 at after ENTSHOES09 coupon code or at for $90 (additional sizes in yellow) or at for $84.99, DV by Dolce Vita Damsel for $66.95 at Amazon

In related shoe news, Fergie was spotted wearing one of her own styles, the Fergie Pepper Platform Sandal, at a Nordstrom event to promote her shoe line.  This is a hot style that you can find at Nordstrom, but also at for a better price.  They have it for $129, but it’s reduced to $103.20 after using coupon code ENTSHOES09 at checkout.  Shipping is free and other color options include purple and brown.

Shoe Buzz: Pink shoes inspired by Barbie for her 50th birthday

Thursday, March 12th, 2009

She’s come a long way, baby!  Barbie turned 50 this month and, I have to say, 50 must be the new 20 because she looks as fab as ever.  When we think of Barbie, we think fashion – in the no holds barred, all-out glam kind of way.  For this milestone birthday, everyone’s been inspired by Barbie, including the likes of Christian Louboutin and many other designers.  Barbie and I go way back, so I had to jump in on the action and find some of my own Barbie-inspired shoes, in pink of course:

Betsey Johnson Fran This girly sandal has pink shimmer, a big pink bow and it’s from Betsey Johnson, who often epitomizes classic Barbie style (Barbie’s runway show this year for NY Fashion week featured this Betsey Johnson dress).  What more can I say?  Get this pair at 6pm for $93.60, which is about 50% off retail.  Shipping adds $6.95. 


Carlos by Carlos Santana Accolade  Here’s another gorgeous shimmery shoe, but this one is a platform slingback style in a whisper soft shade of pink.  This ultra-feminine pair is available at for $110.  Use coupon code MSAVE (exp. 3/31/09) to get another 20% off, making it $88 with free shipping.   


Delias Nyla Jelly Heel  Barbie is all about the jelly shoes, so this pair reminds me a lot of actual shoes she’s worn over the years (like this one for example).  Delias offers this heel for $34.50.  Get $10 more dollars off when you apply coupon code DXCGIFT (exp 3/31/09) at checkout, making them $24.50 and ideal for those days when we all want to feel like a doll.  


oh…DEER! Gelato Barbie is never afraid to add some sparkle to her look, so this would likely be one of her favorite pairs.  It’s totally pink with tons of sequins and it’s also on sale, which is always a plus.  Onlineshoes has it marked down from $129.95 to $89.99 with free shipping.


Report Gala Heel  This is a super-hot pump that I imagine Barbie would wear on one of her many dates with Ken.  After 50 years of dating and only one breakup (remember that?), I imagine she still likes to dress up pretty for Ken and he would certainly appreciate this saucy pink pair.  Get it for yourself at Zappos for $135, marked down from $195.  Shipping is free. 


Wet Seal Zipper Front Heel  Barbie loves to shop, but I’m sure she also loves a good deal.  Get a trendy and affordable Barbie-esqe shoe with this strappy fuschia pair, which features zipper detail.  Wet Seal has it for $26.50 and coupon code ENT0809 yields free shipping.


Boutique Nordstrom Tally Espadrille  Barbie has to have a super-cute pink wedge for all those parties and barbeques she throws out by her Barbie pool, so I think she’d approve of this adorable ruffled and bowed style from Nordstrom.  It’s $59.95 and shipping is free when you apply coupon code SHOES at checkout until 4/13/09.

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