Jeffrey Campbell Skulltini skull studded shoes

Friday, July 13th, 2012

I thought these Jeffrey Campbell Skulltini flats would be particularly appros for Friday the 13th, but not because the skull symbol might be seen as a sign of doom and gloom; rather, that it’s actually considered to be a good luck symbol for warding off bad things:


A little superstition aside, I’m finding the tiny little skulls all over this shoe pretty adorable (albeit in a slightly dark kind of way) and I’m particularly drawn to the pure white-on-white version.  It’s also available in five other colors, each available at Solestruck for $159.95.

Have a very lucky rest of the day (and a fabulous weekend)!

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A little something funny….

Wednesday, May 30th, 2012

I’ve been sick the past few days and, admittedly, being under-the-weather has also left me feeling a little uninspired as far as blogging goes.  I know it’s temporary – cute shoes will always bring me back around eventually –  but I did get a unexpected boost when I saw this face staring up at me while browsing around at Solestruck:

I saw it and I’m thinking, Is that really a pair of shoesWith a plush gorilla on top?  And, yes, it actually is:

And this little guy totally put a smile on my face today.  It’s like he’s saying, “Hey, it’s all gonna be a-ok.”  And, you know what?  I think I believe him.  I haven’t ever featured a men’s shoe on this site before, but I figured some of you out there would get a kick out of them too.

You can find the Adidas Originals x Jeremy Scott Gorilla at Solestruck for $199.95.

Happy Hump Day!

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Spring shoes in rainbow multicolor

Thursday, March 29th, 2012

I love how everything is about color, color, color right now when it comes to fashion.  We’ve seen the colorblocking trend enjoy plenty of longevity – it was a hit last spring too and just keeps going – and people have certainly become less afraid of combining color in unexpected ways.  Pastel shoes and pastel colorblocking have also been popular this season, which I can definitely appreciate, but bold color is always a go-to style must in the spring and summer months.  Perhaps because when things start heating up outdoors and everything gets much more colorful around us, our style naturally follows suit.

When it comes to shoes, there are many options out there for wearing a single bold color or even two or three in one pair, but today I’m focusing on the shoes that have at least four or more shades.  You just can’t help but be cheerful when you look at all of these colors playing so nicely together and if it’s extreme color that you crave, they really bring it.  One bold and dramatic example is the Zigi Shoes Sundae (pictured top), a shoe modeled after the Ferragamo Rainbow shoes.  I mentioned these on my Facebook page when LuLus came out with them, but they have since sold out (very quickly, I might add).  They are now available at Karmaloop for $250 and coupon code 10OFF100 takes 10% off $100, which drops them to $225 (exp 3/31/12).  Update: These are once again available at LuLus for $179.  Also at for $294.99.

Here are some more multicolor options:

Kate Spade Lindsay for $275 with free shipping at Endless.

Inc International Valencia for $89 at Macys.  Coupon code SHOES takes 15% off 1 pair of shoes, 20% off 2 pairs, or 30% off 3 or more (exp 4/15/12).

Enigma Starlite for $76 with free shipping at Lulus.

Miss L-Fire Chica Chica Boom for $119.99 with free shipping at

Ash Hollywood for $189.95 with free shipping at Solestruck.

N.Y.L.A. Cobain for $117 with free shipping at Lulus.

Jeffrey Campbell Party-2 for $119.95 with free shipping at Envishoes.

Update 2: Another option is the Big Buddha Mojo for $59.95 with free shipping at Shoemall.  Get 20% off with coupon EGGSTRA20 through 4/10/12.

Update 3: Love the United Nude Elastic Remi.  It’s available for $279.95 with free shipping at Solestruck and for $280 with free shipping at Karmaloop.

Update 4: These super-affordable rainbow shoes can be found at GoJane for $33 in black, red, or orange.

Update 5: Here are some cute rainbow flats from, the Bamboo Feeling 03 for $25.

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More or Less: Andreia Chaves Invisible Shoe & Sole Boutique Posh Fairest Shoe

Tuesday, March 27th, 2012

I remember watching a TV show once that described how an invisible suit could be possible using technology that, in laymen’s terms, would involve a suit with tiny cameras all over it that record what is behind the person wearing it.  These images are then projected to the front of the suit, which would essentially render one invisible, like becoming part of the background (similar to what is described here).  I thought that was pretty cool and something that seems similar in concept to the Andreia Chaves Invisible Shoe (above).  This shoe doesn’t use high-tech cameras, but it does use all-over mirrored pieces that reflect whatever is around the shoe, which would have the effect of it blending into its surroundings.  But, despite that, I imagine that these aren’t the type of shoes that actually blend in when worn – these are futuristic, showstopping shoes made for being seen and garnering attention wherever they go.  But, all that hype doesn’t come cheap: Priced at $3,995.95 at Solestruck, they fall way out of the realm of possibility for many of us.

When I saw the Sole Boutique Posh Fairest Shoe at Karmaloop, I immediately thought of the Invisible Shoe.  It isn’t exactly like it, of course, but appears to be inspired by it with its reflective mirror patches and an overall similar silhouette.  But, this bold look can be had for well over 3K less – You can find it for $86 at Karmaloop.  Coupon code 10OFF takes $10 off your order for a limited time (expiration unknown).

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Fun Shoes for Friday: Haus of Price Mega Bootie 2

Friday, July 29th, 2011

It’s unabashedly colorful, super-sparkly, and back for Round 2 over at Solestruck — it’s the Haus of Price Mega Bootie 2!  This showstopping pair is much like its predecessor, the fast-selling Mega Bootie, but with a bit of a remix with the cutout heel.  Solestruck has it for $354.95, which is admittedly very pricey for many of us, but you have to consider that these are handmade by James Price and quite exclusive: Solestruck reports on their blog that they will be getting 18 pairs now and 36 for August shipment.  Assuming those are the only ones made, you could be 1 of only 54 in the world to own this style, which means bragging rights are soo included.

Want to see the first Mega Bootie in action for a little inspiration?  Check out the blog Mode Junkie to see how it’s done.

Have a great weekend!

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Jeffrey Campbell Lita Stud with stars + the Cosmic

Monday, July 25th, 2011

For some reason or another, I have never mentioned the Jeffrey Campbell Lita on this shoe blog, despite its wild popularity that seems to keep going and going.  Perhaps it’s because the Lita is a style that’s been featured on a ton of other blogs, as this article on StyledOn discusses, or maybe it’s because there are so many color options, I tend to get a bit sleepy after going through around 32 of the 45 options listed here (32 out of 45 Litas ain’t bad, though).  Now, I might be exaggerating a little (I totally made those numbers up), but don’t get me wrong.  I definitely don’t dislike the Lita — many people have rocked them like no one’s business and looked hella good doing it.  But, I think I may have been missing something that I didn’t even know I was missing: star studs.  Yes, I’ll admit it, cute little star studs get me almost every time.  Thus, the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Stud shows up here today in all of its celestial glory.  But, make no mistake, the addition of whimsical stars certainly doesn’t detract from its edgy aesthetic.  It’s still got plenty of tough, not to mention the addition of a fold down cuff.  Of course, if you want a more literal interpretation of a starry night sky, you’ll want to go with the totally out-of-this-world scene portrayed on the previously-released Jeffrey Campbell Cosmic:

The Lita with star studs is $264.95 at Solestruck and the Cosmic is $159.95, but low in size options.  For more sizes on the Cosmic Lita, check out Karmaloop, where they are sold for $168.  If you haven’t used coupon code SAVE20 at Karmaloop before, you can get 20% off and free shipping (expiration unknown) and score yourself a coveted Lita discount.

Update 8/16: Wow, I had to add these to the mix because the Lita has gone all-out ferocious now.  Yes, you will be obeyed when wearing these: The Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike for $194.95 at Envishoes.

Happy Monday!

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Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen in pink and red polka dot + yellow gingham

Monday, July 11th, 2011

The Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen is one of those styles that’s been released in several color/pattern options, but this playful polka dot version in pink and red is my personal favorite (although the blue/fuschia combo comes in at a close second).  That’s why it’s totally bittersweet to see it back in stock at Solestruck after it sold out the first time.  Sweet because it’s available for purchase, but bitter because I have so many extra things to pay for at the moment, I won’t be able to spare $119.95 to snag them!!  Gargh.  If this color combo isn’t your cup of tea, you must check out the super-cute new yellow gingham version:

With such a pretty print for light summer days — this one just might become my new fave.  There’s also a classic red gingham option available.

You can check out the Jeffrey Campbell El Carmen at Solestruck, where several variations of this platform sandal are offered for $119.95 each with free shipping.  Note that the blue/fuschia one is sold out.

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