Jeffrey Campbell Vicious-Ex & Lancer heels with spikes

Friday, April 20th, 2012

Oh, hello.

I’ve been talking about pretty wedding shoes a lot this week and you gotta love the fancy side of footwear, but sometimes you get in the mood for something a little different.  Something super-fierce…a bit untamed…perhaps even slightly dangerous.  Then I came across this pair:

Jeffrey Campbell never disappoints when it comes to shoes of a wild nature and he answers the call once again with the sexy and spike-studded Jeffrey Campbell Lancer.  Find it for $244.95 at Envishoes or check out Eilatan for their $245.99 black version.

And what’s black and white and red all over (not to mention exceptionally spikey)?

It’s the bold and heel-less Jeffrey Campbell Vicious-Ex.  Lori’s Shoes has it for $204.95, but it appears to be selling out as we speak [sold out], so you can also head over to Envishoes to get it for $214.95.

Update: 4 colors of the Jeffrey Cambell Vicious are available at Solestruck for $209.95, including this pink and black version [sold out in 3 colors].  Nordstrom has the Vicious-N in pink and black for $194.95, but few sizes are left [sold out].  Update 2:  Eilatan has the fuschia / black version [sold out] and red / zebra in stock.  Update 3: Karmaloop has the red / zebra option for $228 [sold out].

Get your spikes out, ladies, it’s time for the weekend!

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The Jeffrey Campbell Tick transforms

Monday, July 26th, 2010

The Jeffrey Campbell Tick is a shoe that has taken on a life of it’s own.  It all started with the solid leather black wedge bootie version that was reinvented with the addition of a thumbtack-studded heel and it has since kept going and going, changing and morphing into various forms along the way.  Ticksters now have even more ways to get their tack on with new styles, like the Jeffrey Campbell Why Stop (pictured above) for $164 in black or brown at Karmaloop.  Yes, why stop, when there are so many possibilities for this bold look?  We have many more Tick varieties to check out, each of which are all tacked up and rarin’ to go:

Totally Futuristic: The Jeffrey Campbell Robot with metal plating for $234.95 at Solestruck.

Freddy Krueger-approved: The Jeffrey Campbell Slash Low, a scaled-down version of the Jeffrey Campbell Slash TK (almost sold out), for $179.95 in white or black at Solestruck.

More slashed-up action: The Jeffrey Campbell Giggle Tic, which sold out quickly the first time it was offered at Karmaloop, is back for $200 – and almost sold out again.

Not shy: The nude Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $164 at Karmaloop or $169.95 at Solestruck.

Closed up shop: The Jeffrey Campbell Ticket (i.e. the Tick sans peep toe) in black/silver or black/gold for $169.95 at Solestruck.

Folded Over & Zipped Up: The Jeffrey Campbell South Street for $188 at Karmaloop or $159.79 at Eilatan.

Classic: The Jeffrey Campbell Tick in black leather or natural burlap for $150 at Karmaloop or in black, natural burlap or white for $169.95 at Solestruck.

Heavy metal: The bronze Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $150 at Karmaloop or $142.79 at Eilatan.

Wild thing: The tribal Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $150 at Karmaloop or $169.95 at Solestruck.  Update: We also have the cheetah and zebra Jeffrey Campbell Tick Fur for $179.95 at Solestruck.

One more: The Jeffrey Campbell Riddle Tack for $151.29 at Eilatan.  Update: There’s also the similar Jeffrey Campbell Tickle Tack for $122.39 at Eilatan.

Note: For purchases at Karmaloop, use coupon code CLINTON to get 20% off your first order and 10% off thereafter (expiration unknown) or code 15FAB for 15% off until 7/31/10.  Solestruck offers free shipping on $99 or on any order for repeat customers (requires log in).

Freddy Krueger photo from Wikipedia.

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Shoe Buzz from The City & The Hills: Kristin Cavallari shoe line & more

Thursday, June 24th, 2010

Think MTV’s The City and The Hills are all about the catfights and the drama?  Well, think again, because it’s all about the shoes, ladies.  Cute shoes make regular appearances on both shows and, if you’re like me, you like to watch just to see the latest styles the cast is wearing, both on-screen and off.  Need more evidence?  I’ve gathered some from the episodes that just aired this week:

Exhibit A: Kristin Cavallari shoes line Kristin tells those quirky kids, Dan and Jessi, on this week’s MTV Aftershow that she would love to have a shoe line and that she’s been looking into it, although nothing is set in stone as of yet.  But, here on, she talks about life after The Hills, which is in its last season, and says that she is designing a shoe line and she also has plans in the works to produce three reality shows.  Sure, it is another celebrity doing the fashion thing, but Kristin has admitted to being obsessed with shoes before and she has an enviable designer shoe collection to draw inspiration from, so who can blame her for trying?  I know I would!

Exhibit B: Goth shoes & garbage shoes Over on The City, Olivia helps style pop star Kei$ha, who’s a fan of “garbage couture”, for Elle and outfits her in these Nicholas Kirkwood “trash bag” shoes that feature floral blooms made of actual garbage bags.  These are very cool shoes, but I couldn’t find any additional details about them online.  However, the real fun was watching Olivia scout for shoes at goth shop Trash and Vaudeville before she secured the Kirkwood pair.  I find Olivia best when she’s out of her element, like that time she played investigative reporter by hunting for counterfeit designer handbags on Canal Street, and this store was certainly not her usual stomping ground.  Here’s the play by play:

Olivia was initially gunning for a silver glitter platform pump.  But her idea was nixed and they made her try on a boot with bullets instead:

These are so un-Olivia and she refused to walk around in them, which some store employees found amusing:

After all of that, the shoes they picked at the store weren’t approved for the shoot, but the Nicholas Kirkwood pair Olivia found ended up being a hit.  While the Kirkwood shoes were the star of the show, we did see a cameo from another hot pair:

Exhibit C: JC Tick appearance It was a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment (sorry for the blurry pic), but the Jeffrey Campbell Tribal Tick isn’t the kind of shoe that blends into its environment, so I definitely recognized it in the scene that took place in the Elle accessories closet.

You can get the Jeffrey Campbell Tick tribal at Eilatan for $142.79.  Singer22 also has them for $264.  Update: You can get them again at Karmaloop now that they are back in stock.

Exhibit D: Whitney wears Payless Whitney Port of The City is being featured in People’s 50 Hottest Bodies issue and even though she’s normally spotted in expensive designer footwear, she dons a pair from Payless in the spread. 

It’s the Alice + Olivia for Payless Breckenridge bow sandal and I think it’s adorable.  There are only a couple sizes left online for $39.99, but you can always inquire in your local store for more availability.

Exhibit E: Olivia apparently goes cheap-chic sometimes too Our fave ice-queen Olivia made an appearance at the 2010 Institute for Civic Leadership spring benefit looking light and bright in her floral DVF top, shorts and the coral shoes pictured above (see the entire look on MTV’s Remote Control Blog).  Although Olivia usually favors high-end designers, her shoes appear to be these heels from Aldo (unless these are inspired by another pair):

This is the Aldo Starace in peach and it’s available at for $90.  Get another 10% off with coupon code 175926229 until 7/31/10 and shipping is also free for a limited time.

Photos from
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Siobhan Magnus wears Jeffrey Campbell K Genius khaki on American Idol

Friday, April 23rd, 2010

Since my last post on Siobhan Magnus’ shoes on American Idol, I found out that I must have been on the right track when I thought her white strappy wedge shoes were Jeffrey Campbell.  Her shoes looked like a white version of the Jeffrey Campbell Polish, although I haven’t seen anything other than the black version anywhere.  It could be another shoe completely; however, Siobhan most definitely wore another JC style in her March 23 performance.  I found this out by going to the style section of American Idol’s website, where women’s stylist Soyon An and men’s stylist Miles Siggins talk about what the contestants wear each week.  It’s a great place to go if you see someone wearing a must-have item on the show and you have to know where it’s from.  While they haven’t covered the white wedge yet, I did find out that Siobhan wore Jeffrey Campbell paired with skinny jeans on the March 23 show (pictured above).  That shoe is the Jeffrey Campbell K-Genius and it appears Siobhan is wearing the khaki version, which is out of stock in several places.  However, you can find it on sale at for $139.39 (reduced from $163.99) with free shipping:

Eilatan also offers the black pair with brown straps for the same price, but only one size is left, and the grey version for $147.49 with free shipping.  Karmaloop has the grey pair for $155 and you get 20% off by applying coupon code CLINTON at checkout, which drops them to $124.  Shipping is extra and the expiration date of the coupon is unknown.

Photo of Siobhan found on

The Jeffrey Campbell Tick tribal wedge is back

Tuesday, April 20th, 2010

Attention JC Tick fans!  The Jeffrey Campbell Tick in tribal print, one of the many reincarnations of the popular style, is is back for round 2 at Karmaloop.  The tribal version is exclusive to Karmaloop, so you won’t find it anywhere else, and it sold out really quickly the first time they offered it.  They also have the Jeffrey Campbell Tick in black in stock again and both are priced at $150.  Of course, you’ll want to use a Karmaloop coupon to discount your purchase and code CLINTON will take 20% off, making either pair $120.  I’m not sure when the code expires, but I tested it and it works right now. 

Update: It’s sold out at Karmaloop, but Eilatan also offers the Jeffrey Campbell Tick in tribal for $142.79.  Apparently, it’s not exclusive to Karmaloop any longer.  Singer22 also offers it for $264.

Now the question is: Will the Jeffrey Campbell Giggle Tic, the gladiator boot version that sold out even quicker, make a comeback as well?  I’m thinking so.  Update 7/8: It’s back in stock at Karmaloop.

Update2: Ooh, just found two more colors of the Tick that I didn’t know about at, the Jeffrey Campbell Tick in bronze or pewter.  Both are priced at $142.79, marked down from $167.99.  Sweet!  Also, Solestruck has the black Tick and the white Tick back in stock.

Update 3: The Jeffrey Campbell Tick in black and white zebra is now available at Solestruck for $179.95 (sold out).

Update 4: The Tribal Tick is back at Karmaloop.

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