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If you love cute shoes, this is the place for you!  There are thousands of shoes available online and trying to sort through them all to find what you need can be a chore.  With a wave of my magic wand, I narrow it down to the cutest, most fashionable pairs and feature them here for your viewing pleasure.  It’s kind of like having your very own shoe shopping assistant! 

Everyone knows that the only thing better than a pair of cute shoes is a pair of cute shoes on SALE.  I find shoe sales, discounts and coupons that you can apply to your purchase, which will keep you both fashionable and a little richer (win-win!).  I also stay on top of the latest shoe trends, shoe news and other shoe info that you, as a shoe lover, will want to know.  This way, you can spend more time wearing those cute shoes and less time searching around the net for them.

I’ve got lots of ways you can find the cute shoes you need right NOW.  You can check out the homepage for the most recent pairs I’ve found, plus any new sales and coupons available for your shoe purchase.  Or, you can use the categories on the left and right sides of the page to narrow down your search (watch for my shoes changes as you navigate around!). 

Here’s the breakdown of what you can find in each category:

Find Shoes For:

Going Out:  These are flirty, glamorous shoes perfect for hitting the town.  Wear them for dates, parties, dancing, eating out, or any occasion where you want to feel like one hot mama.  Shoes in this category are typically heels up to 4 inches. 

Going ALL Out:  Similar to Going Out shoes, but with an extra dash of sexy.  Wear these attention-getting shoes when you want to walk into a room and have all eyes on you (or your feet!).  Shoes in this category will have super-high heels (over 4 inches) and/or unique design elements that make them stand apart from the rest.

Getting Casual: We all love the look of heels, but our feet do need a break from time to time.  Plus, heels usually don’t work so well for certain activities that involve lots of walking, like power shopping or going to the park.  Luckily, there are tons of shoes out there that are both cute and comfy, making it easy to take off those heels for awhile.  Shoes in this category will be flats and wedges with heels under 2 inches.

Going To Work: Ok, so most of us have to work to keep cute shoes on our feet, not to mention pay those pesky bills.  You might love your job or you might hate it, but you have to admit that wearing a fabulous pair of shoes always makes the work day go much better.  Shoes in this category are flats or heels that convey a more sophisticated and tailored look perfect for impressing your boss and co-workers.

Working Out: A good pair of workout shoes is essential, whether you prefer going to the gym or going outside to get yourself moving.  Even though you’re working up a sweat, you can still look good doing it with the right pair of shoes.  Shoes in this category include tennis shoes, hiking shoes and any other shoes suitable for athletic activities.

Staying In: Whew!  It sure is good to go home after a busy day.  It’s even better to have something soft and cozy to slip on your feet when you get there.  Shoes in this category include slippers and any other shoes made for lounging and relaxing around the house.

Special Finds:

Cheap: Cute and cheap?  Yes, shoes like these do exist, but they can be elusive.  If your shoe budget is cramping your shoe style, this is your place.  Shoes in this category will all be under $25 (excluding shipping and applicable taxes). 

Splurge: Who doesn’t like a good splurge from time to time?  You might be feeling prosperous and you want to show it by wearing a fabulous pair of expensive designer shoes (although great discounts can be found here as well).  Shoes in this category will all be over $150.

In Love: Even if you haven’t experienced love at first sight in your romantic life, you’ve likely experienced it with a pair of shoes – the kind of shoes that you see and instantly fall in love with.  Shoes in this category will be any pair that evokes that kind of reaction for me.  Hopefully, you’ll love them too! 

Sweet Sale: There are some shoes that can’t be classified as cheap on this site (under $25), but they are still a really great deal.  Shoes in this category are over $25, but still discounted by at least 50% off regular price.


Messages: General news and messages from Princess.  The topic?  Shoes, of course!



Shoe Buzz:  If you want to know what’s going on in the world of shoes and you want to know now, get your buzz on at Shoe Buzz, which covers the latest shoes that make the news. 

Sale Spotlight: Some shoe sales are so good, they need more than just a mere mention.  That’s why we have our trusty spotlight, to help us highlight all the fabulous shoe deals we find.

Cheap-A-Thon: Our resident Cheap Chick may look cute, but she’s super-fiesty when it comes to saving money on shoes.  You’ll spot her anytime a pair of shoes is under $25, but she goes into overdrive in Cheap-A-Thon, which is our “marathon” of cheap and cute shoes.

Hot Trends: Find out what’s hot in the world of shoes right now and see hand-picked pairs that are among the very best examples of how to apply the latest craze.

More or Less: Spend more or spend less?  That is the million dollar question.  We find pricey designer shoes and their lower-priced “inspired by” counterparts that give you a similar look for much less.  Then, you decide.  Freedom of choice has never been so fun.

Find My Shoes: You’ve been tirelessly searching for a particular pair of shoes, but the right one is eluding you.  Don’t fret, just get the power of our magic shoe-finding wand on your side.  If you need help finding a pair, just ask!

Star Designer

Star Designer: Some shoe designers deserve a gold star just for being awesome.  Find out who’s shoe line has grabbed our attention and made us swoon.

Additional categories:

These include Find by Price, Find by Color, Shoe Sales, Shoe Coupons, Shoe Stores and Shoe Designers.  Use these categories to find the specific items you are looking for!

So, what are you waiting for?  It’s time to go shoe shopping!

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