Sam Edelman Pixie pointy toe heels with spikes

Sam Edelman has done it again!  The brand has a knack for producing highly covetable spike studded shoes, like the Lorissa and several others, and this new style is definitely no exception.  The Sam Edelman Pixie has a pointed toe, cutaway sides, a satin upper, and all-over spike and stud detail, which give it a super-sexy, glam vibe, but in that untamed way that shoes with spikes tend to convey – and I LOVE it.  While the Pixie isn’t what you’d call inexpensive at $174.95, it’s in the realm of possiblity compared to, say, some of the spiked heels we’ve seen from Louboutin and other luxe designers.  You can find this style at Nordstrom and a black version is also available in addition to the Dusty Rose color pictured above.

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  1. Pansy Says:

    I just got these they are fly and comfortable …

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