Shoes with Skulls: Iron Fist Gold Star Wedge

Oh wow, I am LOVING these skull booties from Iron Fist.  Clearly, these are ideal shoes for this time of year, with Halloween coming up and all, but skulls definitely aren’t relegated to the dark side (or costumes) anymore.  They’re much more mainstream in fashion these days, but still convey a certain edge.  So, wear them now to fit the Halloween theme and don them year-round whenever the mood strikes — it’s all good.  I also find that the studded cuff is reminiscent of those Isabel Marant booties that spawned a million knockoffs, but the skulls add extra kick.  I first spotted the Iron Fist Gold Star at, where they are $99.99 with free shipping, but size selection is getting a bit low.  I also found them at the Iron Fist website for $90 in a wider selection of sizes.

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  1. Maira Eaton Says:

    I love shoes and I love your blog! so many amazing shoes :)

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