Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike available at Karmaloop (updated)

When I first spotted the Jeffrey Campbell Lita with spikes, it was at Envishoes (which I posted about on Facebook) and I figured the combination of a cult fave like the Lita and the ongoing spike craze would certainly make it a quick sell-out.  My premonitions, however obvi they may be, were definitely on point — they not only sold out at places like Envishoes, Eilatan and Solestruck (only size 6 left on preorder), but they also went for upwards of $560 on eBay.  Wowza.  Whoever bought those may have been better off to hold off a bit because they are now at Karmaloop for $190, which is comparatively waaay less expensive.  Karmaloop still has a wide selection of sizes as of now but, of course, this could change at any time.  So, if you must have the spiked Lita, you might want to be quick on the draw.

Apparently, these spikes are actually sharp, unlike some spiked shoes that have more of a dull point (making them more bark than bite, you might say).  The Lita is already a pretty tough shoe on it’s own, but add sharp spikes to it and it becomes downright dangerous.  Proceed with caution, folks!

Note: Karmaloop currently exludes this style from any promo code discounts.

Update: The Lita is on preorder for expected shipment by 11/30/11 at Karmaloop.

Update 2: Akira also has the JC Lita Spike on preorder with an expected release date of 11/9/11.  They are priced at $189.90.

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  1. Karmaloop Codes Says:

    Like the spikes! Definitely will get this at karmaloop! JC Shoes is getting hot!

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