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Fun Shoes for Friday: Stars & Spikes

Friday, October 21st, 2011

I’m so happy it’s Friday, aren’t you?  In today’s Fun Shoes for Friday, I’m featuring not one, but two amazing shoes that I’ve talked about here on the blog and/or on Facebook before.  But, when there’s a new version of a style and it really stands out, it’s definitely worth another mention.  Like the Sam Edelman Roza, pictured above.  The Roza is very similar to the Sam Edelman Lorissa and it comes in many of the same colors, like nude and black, but it differs with its closed toe and higher 1″ hidden platform.  But, honestly, I’m posting about it today because of the color: the new ruby red suede version is gorgeous.  I love red heels anyway, but it’s even better that it’s a particularly on-trend shade right now and always a great color choice for the holiday season, making it a fierce party shoe option.  You can find it at Nordstrom for $224.95 with free shipping.  Update: You can also find this style at Karmaloop for $225 and get 20% off and free shipping with coupon code HTSauce or TREAT (expiration unknown).

I also had to point out these Aldo star heels again.  I recently professed my admiration for the first pair Aldo released in more muted tones, but they definitely took it up a notch in the glitz department with this version, which is covered in sequins.  Count me in.  You can find the Aldo Hafen at Aldo for $100 and apply coupon code getlucky75985 for 15% off (expiration unknown).

Have a great weekend!

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Rhinestone Ankle Booties: Steve Madden Sparrkk

Thursday, October 20th, 2011


I make no secret of the fact that I love shoes that are embellished with all things brilliant and shiny: glitter, rhinestones, crystals, and anything else with the potential to add extra glimmer and oomph to even the most basic of looks –kind of like jewelry, but for the feet.  So, today I thought I would highlight what I think is a fine speciman of the aesthetic: The Steve Madden Sparrkk ankle bootie.  We’ve seen a ton of peep toe pumps covered in the sparkly stuff, but what I love about this pair is that it comes in a very on-trend ankle bootie style (which has been less common, particularly in a more moderate price range), and it’s covered in rhinestones, which gives a very similar look to the shoes decked out in pricey Swarovski crystals, but for much less.  Not that these are exactly what you’d call affordable at $250, but it’s definitely a price that pales in comparison to, say, a Strass Louboutin that can run well into the thousands of dollars.  I’m guessing that this pair is likely much more sparkly in person too — I’ve noticed that shoes like this tend to be because photos don’t always catch all of the reflected light.  Hmm…maybe I can justify ordering them for myself just so I can let you guys know how much gleam they’re really packing (all in the name of investigative reporting, of course).  If you’d like to find out for yourself, you can get the Steve Madden Sparrkk on preorder at Steve Madden for $249.95 with an expected ship date of 10/31.

By the way, Steve Madden coupon code PREF20 will take 20% off your order.  I wasn’t sure if it applied to pre-order items, but it is working when applied in the shopping cart.  That makes this pair $199.96 (expiration unknown).

Update: Prefer a peep toe pump version?  Check out the Steve Madden Cycile in silver or rose gold for $159.95 at Steve Madden.  There aren’t many sizes left in silver right now, but you can also find them at Nordstrom for $149.95.

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Jeffrey Campbell Giddy Stud Boots

Monday, October 17th, 2011

Oh yes, leave it to Jeffrey Campbell to take a Western-inspired boot and amp it up to something completely awesome, à la the Jeffrey Campbell Giddy Stud in black and tan.  Even if you aren’t exactly inclined towards the cowgirl aesthetic, you gotta appreciate this modern interpretation of the style, which definitely has a cowgirl-meet-rockstar type of vibe with its wedge heel and studs galore.  I can’t help but love it.  Apparently, I’m not the only one because it’s already been selling quick at places like Solestruck and LuLus, but I’m still seeing a wide selection of sizes available at Envishoes, where they are priced at $289.95 with free shipping.

Happy Monday!

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Shoes with Skulls: Iron Fist Gold Star Wedge

Thursday, October 13th, 2011

Oh wow, I am LOVING these skull booties from Iron Fist.  Clearly, these are ideal shoes for this time of year, with Halloween coming up and all, but skulls definitely aren’t relegated to the dark side (or costumes) anymore.  They’re much more mainstream in fashion these days, but still convey a certain edge.  So, wear them now to fit the Halloween theme and don them year-round whenever the mood strikes — it’s all good.  I also find that the studded cuff is reminiscent of those Isabel Marant booties that spawned a million knockoffs, but the skulls add extra kick.  I first spotted the Iron Fist Gold Star at, where they are $99.99 with free shipping, but size selection is getting a bit low.  I also found them at the Iron Fist website for $90 in a wider selection of sizes.

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Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike available at Karmaloop (updated)

Monday, October 10th, 2011

When I first spotted the Jeffrey Campbell Lita with spikes, it was at Envishoes (which I posted about on Facebook) and I figured the combination of a cult fave like the Lita and the ongoing spike craze would certainly make it a quick sell-out.  My premonitions, however obvi they may be, were definitely on point — they not only sold out at places like Envishoes, Eilatan and Solestruck (only size 6 left on preorder), but they also went for upwards of $560 on eBay.  Wowza.  Whoever bought those may have been better off to hold off a bit because they are now at Karmaloop for $190, which is comparatively waaay less expensive.  Karmaloop still has a wide selection of sizes as of now but, of course, this could change at any time.  So, if you must have the spiked Lita, you might want to be quick on the draw.

Apparently, these spikes are actually sharp, unlike some spiked shoes that have more of a dull point (making them more bark than bite, you might say).  The Lita is already a pretty tough shoe on it’s own, but add sharp spikes to it and it becomes downright dangerous.  Proceed with caution, folks!

Note: Karmaloop currently exludes this style from any promo code discounts.

Update: The Lita is on preorder for expected shipment by 11/30/11 at Karmaloop.

Update 2: Akira also has the JC Lita Spike on preorder with an expected release date of 11/9/11.  They are priced at $189.90.

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Fun Halloween Costume Shoes: Teacup Heels

Thursday, October 6th, 2011

I love Halloween and it’s just around the corner, so it’s definitely time to think about placing an order if you plan to dress up and shop online for your costume and/or accessories.  I don’t dress up in costume every year, but I do occasionally like to go all out and wear a fun getup — my last one was Little Bo Peep with my baby daughter as the sweet little sheep.  So, while browsing around some of the online Halloween stores to check out the latest kids’ costumes, I had to divert over to the women’s Halloween costume shoes to check it out.  One that immediately caught my eye was this pair of teacup heels — too cute!  These shoes have a cup handle on the back of the heel and the back of the shoe actually looks similar to the shape of a cup, despite the open part where the foot goes in, so I think the concept works quite well as a whimsical, unique costume shoe for a Wonderland / Queen of Hearts type of theme.  Perhaps something along these lines, if you’re feeling extra saucy:

You can find the Teacup Shoes for $37.99 and the Queen of Hearts costume for $59.99 at  Coupon code OCT40 takes 15% off $40 or more (exp. 10/31).  You can also find the shoes at for $39.99 and coupon code TREAT15 takes 15% off through today, 10/6/11.

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Studded boots Snooki wore on Jersey Shore in Italy with Jianni

Tuesday, October 4th, 2011

I had a request on Facebook to help find the studded shoes seen on Snooki on a recent episode of Jersey Shore Season 4 in Italy.  Nicole wore these boots when her boyfriend Jianni came for a visit (a very short one, I might add) and I also found out that she rocked them at a Matt Frisbie photo shoot back in March (pictured above).  These are definitely some hot boots but, let me tell you, it was quite difficult to track down the exact style.  It’s never easy when a shoe is featured on a show that films months before it actually airs.  Not to mention, if a shoe is out of stock at most major retailers, it’s even harder to find, unless you just happen to recognize them.  I looked and looked (and looked) and wasn’t having too much luck, but something told me to keep on trying.  After putting my magic fairy shoe wand into major overdrive, I finally found them!  Ahh…the thrill of the hunt:

This is the ZigiNY Jagger bootie in black denim and I found it at both Shoe Salon and Dotz Angels.  These are both local-based shoe stores that also sell online and they appear to have stock of the Jagger for $199.99 and $125, respectively.  I don’t have personal experience with either store, but I wanted to pass on the information to those who are interested.  I also came across a very similar alternative at Amazon:

This is the Michael Antonio Studio Metro boot and it’s available in blue, grey, black or red for $63.60.

Hope this helps Amanda!

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