Fun Shoes for Friday: Bakers Maisie multicolor sequin heels

If you’re gonna sparkle, you may as well sparkle in many colors, à la this Bakers Maisie pump.  I think the mix of shades — mostly cool colors like blue and green with a bit of gold thrown in — is a nice combination and could work well with many different looks, from the jeans-cute-top ensemble to a cocktail dress.  Really, at this point, you can add sequin shoes to anything (ok, almost anything, let’s be reasonable) just to add a nice dose of shimmer to your look.  And given that Dorothy’s sequin ruby slippers may fetch two million dollars at auction, the price tag on this pair seems downright reasonable.  I know they aren’t red and they aren’t actually featured in The Wizard of Oz, but you can still click your heels three times in them if you really want to.  If so, find them at Bakers for $85 with free shipping.


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