Fun Shoes for Friday: Metallic spine heels from Hades Shoes

If you’re all about some heavy metal detail on your shoes, you definitely need to check out the styles from Hades Shoes (also known as Metropolis Alternative).  The Hades Shoes Predator (pictured above) instantly grabbed my attention when I came across it on Amazon recently because, let’s face it, it’s not every day you see a heel with metallic spine-like detail going all the way down the back (not to mention spikes on the platform).

Now, clearly these aren’t shoes made for blending in.  These are meant for showcasing a strong and assertive vibe with a healthy dose of rebellion kicked in.  And, if you seriously coveted those DSquared Spine Shoes, but couldn’t get your hands on them, these shoes provide a similarly skeletal alternative for a much lower price.  Find them at Amazon for $109.99 with several additional color options available.  The Hades Shoes Ripley is the peep-toe version.

Another standout is the Hades Shoes Eiffle, which features custom metal hardware with bolts and gears, making it look like the inner workings of some type of machinery, but placed on the outside of the shoe for a unique effect.

This one actually reminds me of the Alexander McQueen Titanic pump with similar metal detail, but this pair delivers that edgy, industrial aesthetic for a much lower price of $127.99.  Again, there are more colors to choose from and the peep toe version is the Steampunk Pump.

For even more styles, check out all of the Metropolis Alternative / Hades Shoes at Amazon.

Have an amazing weekend!

Update: Hades Shoes are also now available at

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  1. angel Says:

    you are a life saver!!! i’m DEFINITELY buying one. THANK YOU!!!! i love you! lol!

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