Heels with Wings: Irregular Choice Mayhem

I’ve always really admired the eclectic approach taken by Irregular Choice, but I have to say they are slaying it with some of their new fall styles for 2011.  I mean, please, check this shoe out: The Irregular Choice Mayhem, possibly the crown jewel of their current collection —  shoes with wings that I find completely amazing.  I do see a likely Alexander McQueen influence here — you can see some McQueen wing shoes from fall 2010 pictured over at Nitrolicious — but it’s definitely their own unique interpretation of the look, plus they don’t run thousands of dollars in price.  There’s also a black version:

There are so many cool details on this shoe: a stylized silver wing topped with actual feathers, a fuzzy “calf hair” effect on the platform and heel, sparkly detail on both the outside of the shoe and the insole — basically these are blowing my mind right now.  I mean, really, what kind of life adventure could winged heels take you on?  The sky is the limit.

If you love them too, find them at Irregular Choice in red or black for $195.  Update: You can also find them at Must Have Shoes in red or black for the same price.

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  1. ricosta shoes Says:

    wow. This is one shoe that has a very unique style. i haven’t seen anyone wearing this kind of shoes before.

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