Jeffrey Campbell Lita Stud with stars + the Cosmic

For some reason or another, I have never mentioned the Jeffrey Campbell Lita on this shoe blog, despite its wild popularity that seems to keep going and going.  Perhaps it’s because the Lita is a style that’s been featured on a ton of other blogs, as this article on StyledOn discusses, or maybe it’s because there are so many color options, I tend to get a bit sleepy after going through around 32 of the 45 options listed here (32 out of 45 Litas ain’t bad, though).  Now, I might be exaggerating a little (I totally made those numbers up), but don’t get me wrong.  I definitely don’t dislike the Lita — many people have rocked them like no one’s business and looked hella good doing it.  But, I think I may have been missing something that I didn’t even know I was missing: star studs.  Yes, I’ll admit it, cute little star studs get me almost every time.  Thus, the Jeffrey Campbell Lita Stud shows up here today in all of its celestial glory.  But, make no mistake, the addition of whimsical stars certainly doesn’t detract from its edgy aesthetic.  It’s still got plenty of tough, not to mention the addition of a fold down cuff.  Of course, if you want a more literal interpretation of a starry night sky, you’ll want to go with the totally out-of-this-world scene portrayed on the previously-released Jeffrey Campbell Cosmic:

The Lita with star studs is $264.95 at Solestruck and the Cosmic is $159.95, but low in size options.  For more sizes on the Cosmic Lita, check out Karmaloop, where they are sold for $168.  If you haven’t used coupon code SAVE20 at Karmaloop before, you can get 20% off and free shipping (expiration unknown) and score yourself a coveted Lita discount.

Update 8/16: Wow, I had to add these to the mix because the Lita has gone all-out ferocious now.  Yes, you will be obeyed when wearing these: The Jeffrey Campbell Lita Spike for $194.95 at Envishoes.

Happy Monday!

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  1. amber Says:

    i purchased a pair of JC Litas from oxygen boutique, i adore the burnt orange very unique ! and still reasonably cheap. i was hunting everywhere for the black leather lita’s and i e-mailed oxygen and they are doing pre-orders for the black Lita’s.

    I’m not to sure if anyone else shares the same problem as me for hunting them down but i’ve found them now !

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