Naughty Monkey Joshua Tree decorative wedges


A wedge heel is like a blank canvas, perfect for adding all sorts of embellishments in order to dress it up and make it fancy.  Naughty Monkey has certainly made full use of the wedge space with one of their new styles, the Naughty Monkey Joshua Tree.  I’m admiring the mix of various studs, decorative stitching, and espadrille trim adorning this heel, all of which add plenty of visual interest, but I also like the neutral color palette that keeps it super-versatile.  But, if a bit of extra color is what you’re craving, this pair also comes in orange and a taupe version, which has orange accents in the heel:

The best price I’m seeing right now for the Naughty Monkey Joshua Tree is at, where they are offered for $84.99 with free 2-day shipping.  Endless also has this style for $89.95 with free overnight shipping.

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