Jeffrey Campbell Jumper archless heels

It’s Monday, so let’s get a little wild today courtesy of Jeffrey Campbell.  The brand never disappoints when it comes to outrageous shoe styles and, once I spotted the Jeffrey Campbell Jumper at Lori’s Shoes, I had to discuss JC’s latest archless creation here.  Like the Jeffrey Campbell Benched I mentioned before, the Jumper has a large cutout in the middle of the footbed, where the arch of your foot lies.  I’ve managed to wrap my head around the idea that the arch of your foot won’t know what’s missing when the shoe is constructed in a certain way, but wowza these babies are tall.  The heel measures 6.25″ and the platform is 2.5″, which is plenty of height to make one feel high and mighty when wearing them, but the net effect on the foot is under 4″, which isn’t too bad.  Then there’s the long t-strap, the orange leather, the wide ankle strap…it’s quite the statement shoe.  Impress your friends who don’t know by telling them the shoe causes your arch to magically levitate, David Blaine style.  Then, really impress your friends by actually jumping in the Jumper.  That would be something.

You can find this style at Lori’s Shoes for $184.

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