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Teal bridal wedding shoes in today’s Find My Shoes

Thursday, June 30th, 2011

I had a request from my new Facebook friend, Laura, a bride-to-be who is looking for teal wedding shoes to match the absolutely beautiful dress (pictured above) that she picked for her big day.  Specifically, she wants to find teal satin heels from 3-4″ in a peep toe d’orsay style with knotted detail or a bit of bling on the front.  I’m happy to help out and I think teal is such a great color, but it can be tricky to find in shoes.  Here are some styles that match all or most of the criteria Laura is looking for, making them viable options for walking down the aisle in gorgeous style:

First, we have the turquoise satin Paris Hilton Suarey.  While it isn’t knotted in the front, it does have a pleated side bow that adds visual interest and you could always add something like these shoe clips (or perhaps these) for some added sparkle over the middle piece of the bow.  These shoes are $95 at and you can apply coupon code SECRET20 for an extra 20% off through 7/5/11.

Then we have another style from the same brand, the Paris Hilton Spelled in turquoise satin.  While it’s listed as the same color as the Suarey, this one strikes me as being more of a true teal shade, at least from this photo.  It isn’t d’orsay or peep toe, but has the knotted front and some pretty bling along the top of the heel. has this style for $109 and you can get 20% off with the coupon code listed above.  For additional size options, try or

While the Paris Hilton shoes are nice ready-made options, it might be best to try custom bridal shoes to really fine tune the details.  My Glass Slipper offers a wide selection of designer shoes for brides, many of which can be dyed in your choice of the variety of colors they have available.  Its sister site is similar, but offers less expensive wedding shoes under $100.  The Pink Hot style pictured above, shown in teal, is priced at $89 with an extra $10 charge to dye it.  They have many more shoes to choose from at various price points, but here are some I found that have all (or many) of the features Laura is looking for and can be ordered in white and then dyed teal for $10 extra:

Stuart Weitzman Knotted in white for $289.  Note that some sizes won’t be available until September.

Benjamin Adams Salma for $199.

Paris Hilton Senorita for $120.  You can dye the bow and toe area one color and the rest of the shoe a different color if desired, which is pretty cool.

Liz Rene Saskia for $92.

Pink Saffron for $80.

Pink Kiss for $80.

Note that once shoes are ordered and dyed, they are not returnable.  However, they do offer Try-N-Dye, which is where you order the shoes to try them on and ensure they will work for you, then return them to get dyed (see site for details).  You can also order a swatch of your desired color for $1.

Congrats to Laura and hopefully this will help out!

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American flag heels for 4th of July: Irregular Choice Chica Chola

Wednesday, June 29th, 2011

Despite my neverending love for heels, I’ll be the first to admit that the 4th of July isn’t always the right time to wear them.  If you’re lounging by the pool, headed for the lake or doing anything else remotely active, high heels often won’t do.  However, if you happen to have a little soiree to attend for the holiday and heels do fit the bill, these limited-edition Irregular Choice Chica Chola flag wedges are a fabulous choice for displaying a little independent spirit.  These shoes in red, white and blue are totally all American (though they are made by a UK-based company) and, while I love the rainbow version of these shoes, I must say the American flag theme fits really nicely with the shoe’s design.  Of course, if you really want to go all out and get these shoes to wear on the 4th, you’ll have to order quickly and pay extra for fast shipping given that the holiday is already upon us this weekend.  You can find them at Solestruck for $199.95 and they offer overnight shipping if you order by 3 pm PST on weekdays (no Saturday or Sunday delivery), so it appears you could get them by Friday if you order by tomorrow before the time deadline (although check with Solestruck to be sure).

Showing some love for the U.S. via a hot pair of shoes?  I’m down for that.

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Fun Shoes for Friday: Sam Edelman Renzo booties with spikes

Friday, June 24th, 2011

Given the ongoing popularity of the Sam Edelman Lorissa, it’s certainly a natural progression to see the style take on a different form.  Going from peep toe pump to closed toe ankle bootie, the spike studded Sam Edelman Renzo will keep it fierce even when the weather cools down later this year.  It’s part of the Sam Edelman Fall 2011 Collection, but available to purchase now in two color options.  We have the “putty” taupe version pictured above, which Bloomingdales offers for $250.  Then we have it in all black:

This one is also available at Bloomingdales, but if you’re going to pay full price to get a jump on this style, you might want to check it out at Endless instead.  They currently offer the black pair only and it’s $250 as well, but also includes free overnight shipping.

I heart the Renzo, but given that I’m still basking in the glow of my newly acquired pink Lorissas, I probably won’t be splurging on a pair in the near future.  But, even though the price is higher than the Lorissa, having the Renzo in boot form will probably negate that Lorissa heel slippage problem I’ve seen a few reports of.  I may get the chance to test this out for myself when I wear my Lorissas out for the first time tonight (on a hot date with the hubby!).  That is, if it would only stop raining *fingers crossed*.  Update: I did wear them out – see a review in the update here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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Shoe App for iPhone: Get women’s summer shoes trends to go

Thursday, June 23rd, 2011

They say there’s an app for everything.  It’s true — just check out this list of unusual iPhone apps to find out how your device can dog whistle, pass gas, pretend to be your girlfriend, recite embarassing phrases for revenge purposes, and many more.  While these apps all sound highly useful, shoe lovers of the world definitely need something more.  I’m talking about an app that promises to deliver pretty shoe pictures – high resolution close-up shots of some of the latest designer styles for summer – straight to your iPhone, iPod touch or iPad, meaning you can satisfy your shoe cravings anytime and anywhere you choose.  In addition, the app brings you key footwear trends for the season, street style photos for inspiration, and a shoe store finder for locating cool places to shop in select major fashion cities.  Get this information at your fingertips with the Shoe Trends: Trendstop Top 20 Summer 2011 app from the professional trend forecasters at Trendstop, who recently notified me of its launch.  It’s priced at $6.99 at iTunes and it appears to be seasonal, meaning it covers summer information only.

Note to self: Get iPhone.  Better yet, iPad.

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Naughty Monkey Joshua Tree decorative wedges

Wednesday, June 22nd, 2011


A wedge heel is like a blank canvas, perfect for adding all sorts of embellishments in order to dress it up and make it fancy.  Naughty Monkey has certainly made full use of the wedge space with one of their new styles, the Naughty Monkey Joshua Tree.  I’m admiring the mix of various studs, decorative stitching, and espadrille trim adorning this heel, all of which add plenty of visual interest, but I also like the neutral color palette that keeps it super-versatile.  But, if a bit of extra color is what you’re craving, this pair also comes in orange and a taupe version, which has orange accents in the heel:

The best price I’m seeing right now for the Naughty Monkey Joshua Tree is at, where they are offered for $84.99 with free 2-day shipping.  Endless also has this style for $89.95 with free overnight shipping.

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Fun Shoes for Friday: Chinese Laundry Lightning, Mod Squad & Back Seat

Friday, June 17th, 2011

Chinese Laundry always offers plenty of hot shoes, but I’m particularly loving some of their recent arrivals for summer.  The colorful kicks I’m checking out right now definitely strike me as being ready-made for a little weekend play.  The candy-colored cutie pictured above is one of the styles I’m talking about — it’s the Chinese Laundry Lightning for $129.95.  Clearly there are plenty of others loving it too because it’s already close to being sold out, but it’s certainly one to put on the radar for more stock or availability (I don’t see it sold anywhere else at the moment).  But, there are more shoes that caught my eye, so let’s check it out:

The stock photo displayed for the Chinese Laundry Mod Squad definitely doesn’t tell the whole story on this style.  It might easily be overlooked as just a regular patent slingback pump, but you have to check out the side view (and the additional color options):

How cool is that heel??  You also have to see it being worn in some of their promotional shots for the full effect:

So.Loving.It.  These are priced at $129.95.

Then we have these super-stylin’ Chinese Laundry Back Seat booties.  I’m all about a pop of color, so these are totally up my alley.  Get them in blue or pink and rock them out for $149.95.

To save on your order, apply coupon code CL15REG323 to get 15% off regularly-priced shoes through 6/30/11.

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Gretchen Rossi shoes on The Real Housewives of Orange County reunion

Tuesday, June 14th, 2011

It was reunion time again this week for The Real Housewives of Orange County, which always means getting dolled up and totally breaking out the claws.  That’s exactly what the OC ladies did for the 2-part special, which included finger pointing, name calling, accusations, walking off the stage — basically everything we’ve come to expect from these get togethers.  Even host Andy was particularly on his game, asking all of the hard-hitting questions and totally calling the Housewives out when they tried to pull a non-answer on him.  He’s so tough.  Love Andy.

The Housewives all donned high heels to dish out the theatrics, but it was Gretchen Rossi’s sparkly ankle cuff sandals that probably stood out the most.  She wore them with a gorgeous pink Lipsy one shoulder dress and, I must say, this seems to be one of her favorite pairs of shoes because she also wore them for a Watch What Happens Live appearance, which I posted about after finding the shoes by request.  The Report Signature Vanderbuilt (pictured above from Endless, also listed in a different spelling as the Report Signature Vanderbilt at Bluefly) appears to be silver, but it’s actually covered in ivory beads.  Definitely a super-hot heel, but also completely sold out online.  If you like the black version, I noticed a few pairs for sale on eBay.  You can also check out my previous post on Gretchen’s reunion shoes for some similar alternatives.

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