Teresa Giudice shoes on Watch What Happens Live: Black heels with sparkling platform

Teresa and Jacqueline from Bravo’s The Real Housewives of New Jersey made an appearance on Watch What Happens Live on 5/23/11 to dish on the latest gossip from the new season with Andy Cohen.  Both ladies looked extra glam on the show, but it was Teresa’s black heels with sparkly platform that, in particular, generated a lot of interest amongst viewers.  I posted some info on my Facebook page yesterday after receiving some requests for info on these shoes, but I’m still seeing more people searching for them, so I thought I would add something here as well.  Teresa’s rhinestone pumps are custom made from a company called The Dazzle Diva and you can see them here:

The Dazzle Diva takes a pair of satin Steve Madden slingbacks and completely blings out the platform and heel in “thousands” of genuine Swarovski crystals.  They’re a bit pricey at $399, but that generally comes with the territory if you prefer Swarovski over regular rhinstones (the differences between the two are discussed on the site here).  They also come in champagne, another gorgeous choice.

If you can’t shell out $399 for these, a few less expensive options include the Menbur Narya in black, the Guess Hondola 2 in black with silver glitter platform, the Lauren Jones Zandra in black and the Beverly Feldman Glitz N Glam in black, each from Endless with free shipping.

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