Lauren Alaina in buckle shoes on American Idol Top 4 + Lady Gaga shoe controversy

Lady Gaga: Always blending in

It’s really getting down to the wire on American Idol now that only four contestants remain, at least until the results show tonight when it will be whittled down to just three.  It’s really hard to predict who will go home this week since they are all so good in their own ways, but I have to admit that I’m on Team Haley and Team Lauren right now (go ladies!).  The Idol hopefuls definitely have their game face on at this point in the competition, but we also have some shoes sharing the spotlight, like Lauren Alaina’s platform sandals that she wore while singing the Martina McBride song “Do It Anyway”.  I really enjoyed the performance and how she dedicated it to the people affected by the tornadoes that hit the South recently, but it was also great when Steven Tyler called her shoes out while judging her rendition of the song and said he loved her buckles.  Too funny, that guy.  Here’s a pic of Miss Lauren and said buckle shoes:

I had a hunch that these were Bebe, since we’ve seen Lauren in Bebe on the show a few times before, and that was confirmed via StyleList; however, I can’t locate the exact style.  It may be one that was previously available and sold out or one that is soon to be available (or maybe I’m just completely missing it!), but here are a couple of options I found for a similar overall look:

Mark + James Makayla for $225 with free overnight shipping at Endless.  Get 20% off $100 with coupon code MAYEVENT (exp. 5/12/11).

Bebe Austin for $110 at Macy’s.  Get an extra $10 off $50, $20 off $100, $30 off $150 or $50 off $200 in-cart, making these $90 if purchased without other items (exp. 5/12/11).

While Lauren’s towering platform sandals are dramatic enough for many people, this kind of shoe is mere child’s play for Lady Gaga, who mentored the contestants this week.  Gaga’s choice of footwear for the show has sparked some controversy across the net and it’s not because they are extraordinarily high (as you can see above) — it’s because the clear lucite heel of her shoes is in the shape of a certain part of the, ahem, male anatomy.  This is what she wore:

Leave it to Gaga to bring on the shock value with her provacative Void of Course shoes, which are said to cost around $4,500 (note that content/images at the link may be explicit).  Now, I’m not the type to get worked up by such things and you couldn’t see any detail on the shoes while watching the show (producers made sure of that).  But, even so, when you’re making an appearance on a family-centric show like American Idol, it probably isn’t the best time to bust out your best man parts shoes.  Just sayin’.

Photos from American Idol and Void of Course blog.

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