Shoes from the Super Bowl: Christina Aguilera in Louboutin, Fergie’s boots & Kim’s Shape-Ups

I’m not that into football, generally speaking, but I do find the Super Bowl entertaining.  It’s a great excuse to eat something extra-yummy and one of the only times I ever pay attention to commercials, plus I like to see who performs the national anthem and the half-time show.  The actual game?  Meh.  But, this year, I had to take note of the shoes that took part in the big event (and not just football cleats).  Here’s what was on my radar:

Christina Aguilera has been catching major flack around the web for flubbing the lyrics while performing the national anthem pre-game, but she did score points for her choice of footwear.  She wore the fab Christian Louboutin Calypso pumps, seen here at Coolspotters.  These crystal-encrusted beauties are gorgeous, but appear to be unavailable online.  For something affordable and somewhat similar in look overall, try these:

The Penny Loves Kenny Tetra for $89.99 with free shipping at  It also comes in several other color options (no red), some of which are very limited in size options.

The Paris Hilton Electra in black/black or black/brown on sale for $62.30 (regularly $89) at Macys.  The same style is also available in three color options at for $89.99.

Fergie rocked out with the Black Eyed Peas during half time in these tall lace-up wedge boots, a look that was football inspired, as noted on the Fergie Shoes Facebook page.  Despite some sound issues, which always seem to be prevalent given the acoustics at stadiums, I enjoyed the show.  I’m not sure of the designer of her boots, but here’s another pair that has many of the same elements, minus the white-colored laces:

The Type Z Nora boot in black or brown on sale for $90.30 (MSRP $169) at 6pm.

Of course, you can always look to Fergie’s own shoe line for some rocker inspiration.  The Fergie Battlefield over-the-knee boot is available for $99 (regularly $159) at Fergie Shoes.

Finally, we have Kim Kardashian, who hawked for Skechers Shape-Ups during the Super Bowl commercials in one of her latest product endorsements.  Is it just me, or does it seem like the overtly sexual ad may have spoken more to the male audience rather than the intended female target for the shoes she was wearing?  I’m also not sure that Kim has ever worn these kind of shoes in real life, rather than utilizing a hot personal trainer, but whatevs.  If you want to find her black and pink Shape-Ups from the commercial, you can get a good price at Endless.  The Shape Ups Kinetix Response is on sale for $60 (regularly $100) with free 2-day shipping, but it has pink shoe laces rather than black.  You can also get the Skechers Shape-Ups SRT Kinetix with black laces, as in the ad, for $99.99 at Famous Footwear.

Images from and Huffington Post

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