Johnathan Kayne Peacock: Sex and the City inspired feather wedding heels

I was just discussing purple wedding shoes in my last post, but I had to stick with the wedding shoes theme again today after a certain blue peacock feather heel caught my eye.  When I saw them, it immediately brought me back to Carrie Bradshaw and her wedding style from the first Sex and the City movie – actually, her style in both of the wedding scenes that took place in the film.  There was the lavish formal affair (that we all know ended up not happening) where Carrie wore a Vivienne Westwood wedding gown and an over-the-top feather headpiece and there was the civil ceremony where she ended up marrying Mr. Big in a much simpler white dress suit accessorized with her gorgeous Manolo Blahnik blue satin heels.  These shoes, which are still available in a few sizes for $945 at Bergdorf Goodman, sparked a trend for brides wearing something blue for their footwear and also spawned many look-alike versions (which I touched upon here and here).  But, if you are a bride-to-be who wants to infuse some SATC style into your own wedding look, without necessarily wearing a replica of the Manolos, here’s another option:

With the Johnathan Kayne Peacock, you have the blue satin, the feather detail, a bit of bling: basically Carrie’s style from both wedding scenes rolled into one.  While they are definitely well-suited for brides, they could always add dramatic flair to any evening look.  You can find them at Endless for $125 with free overnight shipping and they also come in black.

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