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When I heard that Heather, a friend of Fairy Shoe Princess on Facebook, was looking for the perfect purple wedding shoes, it didn’t take long for me to start checking out what was available.  To be honest, I’m always down for looking at pretty purple pairs, but particularly so when it comes to a special event like a wedding.  I don’t know too many specifics of what Heather is looking for in terms of exact style or shade, but I set out to find a selection of dressy shoes in various purple color options that I think would work well for the big day.  Here’s what I found:

I mentioned a pair of shoes very similar to these before – the tutu-inspired Steve Madden Fifi in blush or black – but I’m definitely loving this bright purple version.  The SM Lace Platform is available at DSW for $99.95.

You can add some serious sparkle with the Night Moves by Allure Star purple sequin heel, which is sold at for $90 with free shipping.

There’s also plenty of shine on these stunning floral heels, the Betsey Johnson Iris.  You can find these at 6pm for $122.50 with $6.95 for shipping.

The Betsey Johnson Izzy is quite similar to the Iris color-wise, but it has a little something blue mixed in, which is a nice plus.  Get these for $122.50 with $6.95 for shipping at 6pm.

It’s kind of hard to tell when seeing it off the foot, but I think the large rose detail on the Nina Galiza could be really gorgeous, particularly in this shade.  Get these at for $99 with free shipping.  Update: Here’s another Nina shoe with large floral detail in a darker shade of purple, the Nina Critia for $40.50 at 6pm.

These don’t appear to be the most comfortable of options, but I do love the soft shade of lavender and the cluster of petal-like detail on the vamp.  The Miss Me Dazzle-32 sandals in lilac are available at Endless for $45.95 with free 2-day shipping.

The RSVP Rain looks like it offers more comfort with the built-in Foot Petals and the higher platform to help offset the height of the heel.   Plus, they are simply elegant and pretty.  Get these at Zappos for $89 with free shipping.

Finally, we have the gorgeous violet satin Martinez Valero Zoie heels.  These are available at for $141.55 with free shipping.

Note: For any of the regularly-priced styles listed above, get 20% off your order with coupon code VISA at checkout.  It may require payment by Visa and expires 6/30/11.

Hopefully this helps Heather and anyone else who loves purple shoes like I do!

Update: I’m adding a few more shoes for Facebook friend, Melody, who is looking for purple heels with a rhinestone ankle cuff.  These are the closest options I could find:

Bourne Tiffany in lilac for $181.97 at Amazon or $200.16 at Endless.

The sparkle isn’t on the ankle for this one, but it’s a gorgeous shoe and such a steal: the Express Jeweled T-Strap Heel for $39.99 at Express with an extra 40% off at checkout to drop it to $23.99 (limited time offer).

The Mitzy Hachi-190 is also available for a great price: $19.95 at Endless, but almost sold out.  It’s available at ShiekhShoes for $54.97.

I’m loving the disco ball effect on these Martinez Valero Chase sandals in purple, which are available for $156.95 at Amazon.

Update 2:  I’m finding the purple Steve Madden Luvly quite lovely, so I had to add it!  Find it at Steve Madden for $129.95.

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9 Responses to “Find My Shoes: Purple wedding shoes”

  1. jan lewis Says:

    You are amazing, makes me want to get married and wear purple shoes!

  2. Fairy Shoe Princess Says:

    Thank you Jan! This was a fun post for me b/c I really love the idea of wearing purple bridal shoes too!

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  4. Melody Says:


    THANK YOU FAIRY SHOE PRINCESS!!!! xoxo you are the best!

  5. Fairy Shoe Princess Says:

    Thanks so much Melody!! I’m glad I could help! :)

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  7. Jeannie Says:

    Dear Fairy Shoe Princess, Love so so many shoes on this post and I’m in desperate need for a pair of purple shoes for my wedding in exactly 60 days!!!! HELP!!!! xoxo J

  8. Fairy Shoe Princess Says:

    Hi Jeannie! Thanks for your request and congrats on your upcoming wedding!

    I offered a few more suggestions for purple shoes in this post: (note: prices and availability may have changed from the time it was originally posted, so check with the store for updates)

    Here’s a pretty pair I suggested to someone on Facebook:

    You might also try these sites: – My Glass Slipper and You can find a style you like and get it dyed in the shade of purple you want. They offer these shades:

  9. Fairy Shoe Princess Says:

    Another couple of brands to check out for wedding shoes:


    Paco Mena

    You can select purple in the sidebar to narrow the options down.

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