Have a Dorothy moment in Rachel Roy Kimi red glitter heels

I watched The Wizard of Oz over the holidays this year and, as always, it’s a classic fave and a movie I’ve seen many times, but it’s been awhile since I last viewed it in its entirety.  Watching it now, I realize that Dorothy and her iconic ruby slippers definitely influenced my love of shoes early on.  It seems that no matter how many times I’ve seen the movie, Dorothy’s red heels never fail to invoke a reaction in me…I quite literally gasp the moment they land on her feet.  I mean, let’s face it, would The Wizard of Oz be the same if Dorothy had worn her plain black shoes throughout the film? Of course not.  The shoes were a star of the movie in their own right and, if they helped Dorothy wield her way through the world of Oz and get back home, surely the right shoes have the same power to help us make our way through our own lives…or at least make us look and feel more fabulous and confident while doing so, which makes all of the difference.


It’s hard to see any heel that’s red and sparkly and not draw a comparison to Dorothy and her slippers.  Look-alikes run the gamut from costume shoes to ultra-pricey versions like the Christian Louboutin Lady Lynch Glitter Strass Pump in red, but not a lot in-between.  I absolutely love the Louboutins, but the chances of me locating a pair and shelling out the cash for them are about as good as…well, being whisked off by a tornado to a fantasy land where they magically appear on my feet…so not going to happen.  But then there’s the Rachel Rachel Roy Kimi (pictured above), a style that has previously been for sale in black and pewter, but is now available in a fiery new hue.  I must say, these shoes certainly caused a reaction for me when I first saw them: they’re red and glittery and that heel…oh my!  But they’re also moderately priced and don’t come across as costumey.  Slip these on and you’ll be a totally modern-day Dorothy in no time, ready to take on the world (closing your eyes and clicking your heels three times optional).

The Rachel Roy Kimi in red is available at Macy’s for $99.  Did I mention that these are perfect Valentine’s Day shoes?

Update: Another red glitter heel option is the Enzo Angiolini Sully in red for $88.95 at Nordstrom. 

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