My magical Christmas holiday + my surprise shoes

I hope everyone had a very happy holiday!  I certainly did – one of the very best Christmases ever, actually – and afterwards I realized that all of the holiday wishes I mentioned in my last post actually came true for me!  I’m so thankful for that and had to share with you guys.  Here’s what I mean:

I mentioned a “sprinkle of something magical” and I had many moments this year that I would describe in that way.  From being treated to an absolutely spectacular firework show at an outdoor Christmas Eve service, to receiving a very special – and sentimental – surprise gift from my hubbie, to watching my little girl’s excitement as she spotted a red flashing light in the night sky on Christmas Eve (and being convinced that this was Rudolph) – these were the moments that I’ll never forget.  There was also one more thing:

I mentioned “lots of cozy” with a snowy scene pictured, but I didn’t anticipate that this would happen where I live.  We don’t get snow all that often, especially not on Christmas (it hasn’t happened on the 25th in over 20 years to give you an idea).  But, we woke up on Christmas Day to discover a total winter wonderland outside of our window (pictured above) and, needless to say, we were giddy with excitement.  It was spectacular, completely unexpected and made our day even more special.

The icing on the cake?  I got some cute shoes under the tree!  My sister, who knows just what a girl wants, got me the purple Nine West Blondie feather heels I mentioned in a previous post.  I was beyond thrilled to get these – they are super-hot!!  I had to return them for a different size – otherwise I would’ve posted one of my own pics instead of the stock photo – but I’ll have to share some pics in a future post when I get my replacement.  I can’t wait to wear these out!  A big thanks to my sweet sis!!

If you had some super-special moments this holiday – or some hot shoes as a gift – I’d love to hear about it!  Leave a comment here or on Facebook.

Also, I’m taking a bit of a computer vacation this week, so I won’t be posting as often, but I do hope everyone has a very happy New Year!!  I’m looking forward to the shoes of 2011!

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  1. Meg Says:

    It was a very magical Christmas! You are going to be one hot momma in those shoes! :)

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