All Jeweled Up: Haus of Price shoes with gem heels

It’s completely natural to be drawn to sparkly, shiny things and I guess that’s why my eyes went straight to these jewel-toned Haus of Price shoes while browsing the new styles over at Solestruck.  At first glance, I thought the ever-evolving Jeffrey Campbell Tick had gone technicolor on us – the overall look is actually quite similar – but this is the Haus of Price Solid Goddess in red, green or blue and the detail on the heel is the result of gems rather than tacks.  With the holidays coming up, I’m thinking these might be the perfect way to spice up a LBD or even add some bling to a pair of jeans.  Each are priced at $239.95 at Solestruck and, if you love them, but can’t decide on just one color, you’re sure to go crazy for the multicolored styles from the same brand:

Haus of Price Multi Gem Arch Heel for $239.95.

Haus of Price Multi Gem Pump for $239.95 (Only 1 size left right now.  Sigh.  Tear.).

I think I’ll take them all, but if I can’t cough up $240 for just one before they all sell out, I suppose I’ll have to learn to wield a BeDazzler on an unsuspecting pair of pumps.  That should be interesting.

Order any of these shoes at Solestruck and you’ll also get free shipping on your order.

Update: Karmaloop now has the Haus of Price Goddess in green for $230 and coupon code SAVE20 takes 20% off and gives free shipping, which drops the price to $184.  They also have this style:

The Haus of Price Pearly White Booties, which are $230 before coupon and $184 after.

Update 2: Here’s another Haus of Price style, now in cage form.  This is the Haus of Price Cage Wedge in multi gem and it’s available for $228 at Karmaloop.

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