More or Less: Giuseppe Zanotti E00330 knockoff, the Steve Madden Charmmer

Giuseppe Zanotti is a luxury brand that is highly coveted for it’s modern, sophisticated styles, but anyone with these shoes on their must-have list must get past their price tag first.  Case in point: the Giuseppe Zanotti E00330 pictured above, which retails for a hefty $695.  Luckily, we’re in the midst of end-of-season sales right now and you can get this pair for just $209.32 at Amazon (in size 6 or 9 only, as of this posting) or for $334 at Zappos.  That’s quite a reduction, but there’s a similar option for those who want to spend even less:

This is the Steve Madden Charmmer and it’s clearly a lookalike for the Giuseppe Zanotti pair, although there are a few differences – particularly in the heel – making it more of an “inspired by” version than a true knockoff.  But, there is quite a difference in price: the Steve Madden version is $109.95 at and your total gets even lower when you apply coupon code rmn20f to get 15% off and free shipping.  That adjusts the total to $93.46 shipped and it comes in black or olive.

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  1. Shoegasm Says:

    Think I like the Steve Madden version better!

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