Brian Atwood RZ Boots with chains from The Rachel Zoe Project

In last night’s episode of Bravo’s The Rachel Zoe Project, shoe designer Brian Atwood made an appearance to meet with Rachel – who donned her signature white robe for him – and we learned that he’s always wanted to design a shoe for her.  It’s no wonder, since Rachel has long professed her admiration for Atwood’s shoes, namely in her very first Zoe Report.  Fast forward to one-year later and Rachel has her very own namesake pair to die over, literally, for the anniversary of her website: the over-the-knee RZ Boots she and Brian designed together.  We saw a bit of the creative brainstorming process during last night’s episode and, in the end, Rachel decided on an OTK platform boot with chain detail in the back and, of course, a “tranny” heel.  The boot is available for sale now, so let’s take a closer look:

I’m definitely feeling the chain detail (zoom in to really check it out) and it’s certainly a hot style.  We’ve seen Rachel in a lot of over-the-knee boots this season, so I imagine she wouldn’t have any trouble integrating this one into her fab wardrobe.  If it’s a must-have for you and you have $2,900 to spend, you can get the Brian Atwood Chain-Back Over-The-Knee Boot at Neiman Marcus.  (Update: The links I entered that go directly to the product page don’t want to work correctly for some reason, but I updated the link so it goes to the Brian Atwood page.  Right now, it’s the first shoe listed).  For those of us that don’t have 3K to spend (wowza), here’s a less expensive alternative I found that also offers plenty of dramatic detail along the back.  Like the Atwood pair, this boot is perfect making a statement, especially when walking away:

The Nine West Hobbs doesn’t have chains and it’s more like a corset boot with lacing all the way up the back, but the detailing is similar and it’s over the knee with a high heel and platform.  You can get it at Nine West on pre-order for $209 with free shipping.  It’s expected to ship by 11/23.

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