Blowfish Hichi for $50 at DSW + August DSW coupons

Lately I’ve realized that there’s a serious void in my closet for a pair of comfortable, casual shoes that also offer a bit of oomph – i.e. a heel.  If you haven’t already noticed from visiting this shoe blog, I definitely love my high heels.  Yes, heels do tend to be much more exciting (generally speaking) and I do have my fair share, but obviously we don’t go super-high for the sake of comfort – and, let’s face it, some occasions do not call for a high heel.  That’s why I’ve embraced flats much more than I used to, but there are still plenty of times that I need something in-between.  That’s why I’ve been looking around for a casual shoe with a low wedge heel to solve my shoe dilemma.  Of course, I tend to get distracted while browsing for something a bit more sensible, like I did at DSW with these shoes:

Oooh, sparkly!  And a big bow!  It’s the Moda Spana Chase pump in pewter, gold or black for $54.95.

Bright blue heels!  And triple platform!  The SM Adell pump in blue, black or pink for $89.95.

But, in the end, I think the Blowfish Hichi (pictured at the very top in brown and just above in black) is an option I’ll be considering for my casual shoe quandry and something that looks cool enough that I can still have plenty of fun buying it.  It has a wedge heel with just enough flattering height – 2.5 inches to be exact – and also comes in a heavy linen black version.  It’s priced at $59.95 and DSW offers coupon code FALLSHOP that takes $10 off $49, $25 off $99 or $45 off $149. That drops the price to $49.95, but there’s also code SAVE20 that takes 20% off a purchase of two or more items. Then there’s code SHIPR for free shipping on $35.  The good news?  These codes stack and DSW allows up to three per order, so I could get all three of the shoes in this post for $127.88 with free shipping instead of $204.85.  Alternately, I could remove the Steve Madden pair and buy the other two, which drops my total to $71.92 instead of $114.90.  A free DSW account is required for all of the codes except for SAVE20 and there are plenty of possibilites to choose from, so be sure to check out all of the shoes to save big on your own set of faves.

The FALLSHOP code ends 9/7, the SAVE20 code ends 8/30 and the SHIPR code ends 9/12.  Exclusions apply.

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