Nicholas Kirkwood garbage shoes lookalike, the Topshop Petula

Fans of MTV’s The City will surely remember those standout Nicholas Kirkwood garbage bag shoes (pictured above) that were featured in the episode where Olivia Palermo helped style pop star Kei$ha for Elle.  While I’m not sure where these shoes can be purchased (or for how much), I couldn’t help but immediately think of them when I came across this pair:

The Petula Rose Platform Sandal isn’t what I would call a knockoff, but it certainly appears to be inspired by Nicholas Kirkwood and is presumably way more affordable.  There’s no mention of the floral accents being crafted from actual garbage bags, which unfortunately eliminates the “green” recycled factor of the Kirkwood pair, but the frayed roses do convey a very similar look.  Plus, the neutral colors make this style much more wearable while still retaining the overall drama factor.  I’m loving it and, if you love this pair too, you can find the Petula at Topshop for $200.  It’s still a splurge, but definitely a fun one.  Shipping adds a flat rate of $15.



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