The Jeffrey Campbell Tick transforms

The Jeffrey Campbell Tick is a shoe that has taken on a life of it’s own.  It all started with the solid leather black wedge bootie version that was reinvented with the addition of a thumbtack-studded heel and it has since kept going and going, changing and morphing into various forms along the way.  Ticksters now have even more ways to get their tack on with new styles, like the Jeffrey Campbell Why Stop (pictured above) for $164 in black or brown at Karmaloop.  Yes, why stop, when there are so many possibilities for this bold look?  We have many more Tick varieties to check out, each of which are all tacked up and rarin’ to go:

Totally Futuristic: The Jeffrey Campbell Robot with metal plating for $234.95 at Solestruck.

Freddy Krueger-approved: The Jeffrey Campbell Slash Low, a scaled-down version of the Jeffrey Campbell Slash TK (almost sold out), for $179.95 in white or black at Solestruck.

More slashed-up action: The Jeffrey Campbell Giggle Tic, which sold out quickly the first time it was offered at Karmaloop, is back for $200 – and almost sold out again.

Not shy: The nude Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $164 at Karmaloop or $169.95 at Solestruck.

Closed up shop: The Jeffrey Campbell Ticket (i.e. the Tick sans peep toe) in black/silver or black/gold for $169.95 at Solestruck.

Folded Over & Zipped Up: The Jeffrey Campbell South Street for $188 at Karmaloop or $159.79 at Eilatan.

Classic: The Jeffrey Campbell Tick in black leather or natural burlap for $150 at Karmaloop or in black, natural burlap or white for $169.95 at Solestruck.

Heavy metal: The bronze Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $150 at Karmaloop or $142.79 at Eilatan.

Wild thing: The tribal Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $150 at Karmaloop or $169.95 at Solestruck.  Update: We also have the cheetah and zebra Jeffrey Campbell Tick Fur for $179.95 at Solestruck.

One more: The Jeffrey Campbell Riddle Tack for $151.29 at Eilatan.  Update: There’s also the similar Jeffrey Campbell Tickle Tack for $122.39 at Eilatan.

Note: For purchases at Karmaloop, use coupon code CLINTON to get 20% off your first order and 10% off thereafter (expiration unknown) or code 15FAB for 15% off until 7/31/10.  Solestruck offers free shipping on $99 or on any order for repeat customers (requires log in).

Freddy Krueger photo from Wikipedia.

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