More or Less: Charles David Tangier knockoff, the Bakers Bonita

Ever since doing my post on multicolored shoes for spring featuring the Charles David Tangier (pictured above), I’ve been trying to justify spending $215 on a pair of rainbow sandals that are super-cute but not all that practical or affordable (I still wanted them).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit them into the ‘ol budget and I’ve since watched the price go down – they are now $140 at Amazon or $147 at Endless – but I’ve also watched as availability went down even futher, essentially to sold-out territory;  i.e. if you’re a size 5.5, you’re in luck, otherwise not so much.  However, I seriously didn’t expect to see a Charles David Tangier lookalike while casually browsing the shoe selection at Bakers and I was absolutely shocked (read: excited) to see this similar pair for much less:

The Bakers Bonita sandal is basically a replica of the Charles David pair with a much smaller price tag.  You can get it on sale for $39.99 (regularly $79.99) in the multicolored version and they also have a turquoise option for $49.99.  Shipping adds $4.95 or get it free on orders of 75 or more.  Tempting, I say, very tempting.



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