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More or Less: Ash Lovely and Luichiny Pass Ive

Thursday, July 29th, 2010

The Ash Lovely is the kind of shoe with the edge factor built right in.  This dramatic studded wedge can be slipped on with with even the most basic of outfits – black leggings, skinny jeans or anything else you can come up with – to add a nice dose of fierce to the look.  But, while they aren’t over-the-top expensive, these bad babies will still set you back $239.95 if you get them at Nordstrom, where there’s still a pretty good selection of sizes left (other online stores that have them for less are practically sold out).  That’s quite a splurge in my world, but there is a similar option for less:

The Luichiny Pass Ive is like a fraternal twin of the Ash pair: not identical, but definitely related.  It essentially comes down to a preference for the brand and details – like the color of the heel and studs – and, of course, the cash flow.  You can get the Luichiny pair in black at Endless for $68.36 with free 2-day shipping or at Bakers for $59.99 with $4.95 shipping.  Endless also offers the camel or grey versions for $54.29 and Bakers offers purple, cognac, grey and camel for the same price as black.  But, the lowest price for the camel and grey is from Amazon, where they are each $49.20 with free shipping.

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Shoe Buzz: Halle Berry in movie about shoes, Dolce Vita for Target, Worishofer, more

Wednesday, July 28th, 2010

I’ve noticed plenty of shoes in the news lately, so I thought I’d gather up some of the latest, most interesting things I’ve seen, mix ’em up real good and have a little Shoe Buzz roundup.  We’ve got a new Hollywood flick about shoe addicts, “granny” footwear having a fashion moment, a Dolce Vita budget line and more.  So, what are we waiting for?  Let’s dig in:

As a shoe lover, I get giddy when I hear about a new movie that’s all about the shoes.  Especially when the lead actress is none other than Oscar-winner Halle Berry, who is set to star in the movie Shoe Addicts Anonymous.  The film, which will be out in Fall 2011, is a comedy based on the book of the same name by Beth Harbison.  Apparently won’t be much of a stretch for Berry, who “loves shoes” according to a producer.

Dolce Vita is the latest company to collaborate with Target on an affordable fashion line, which is fittingly called Dolce Vita for Target.  There’s a selection of five different styles available at Target’s website, most of which are very menswear-inspired, and all at much more budget-friendly prices than the usual Dolce Vita fare.  The Dolce Vita for Target Buckle Ankle Boots pictured above are $34.99, which is the highest you’ll pay for any of the shoes available right now.  They are expected to be in stores by August 22.

My very cool mom, who is always on the lookout for shoe-related info for me (thanks Ma!), let me know that Worishofer shoes were just featured on the CBS Today Show.  The German-made line of “granny” shoes (their description, not mine) are well-known for providing a high level of comfort.  Ruthie from was on hand to provide tips on how to wear them without looking, well, geriatric.  One shoe featured was the Worishofer 583 lace-up sandal (pictured above), which was paired with jeans and looked pretty cute.  Apparently, the “sandals so ugly they’re stylish” (again, their words) are a celeb fave and the brand, which has been available in the U.S. since the 1970’s, has been enjoying a nice surge in popularity in the past couple of years. You can find Worishofer at Endless from $42 – $75.

Seen on The Cut: You can combine a love of pretty shoes with a love of smelling pretty with the new fragrance called Beyond from Anna Dello Russo, who is currently Editor at Large and creative consultant for Vogue Japan.  The almond and vanilla scented perfume will be housed in a golden shoe, which I imagine would be a nice little decorative keepsake once the fragrance runs out.  It will be available by the holidays.

Is there a correlation between an economic downturn and an upturn of heel height on shoes?  Apparently so, as this New York Times article explains.  During a recession, we typically see higher heels, like the over 5-inch heel on the shoe pictured above, which was created by Salvatore Ferragamo during The Great Depression.

There’s a new trend for au naturel, prehistoric-inspired shoes, like the one pictured above which will be available at a store near you this fall.  Ok, I’m kidding…this is actually thought to be the world’s oldest known leather shoe that was recently discovered perfectly preserved in a cave in Armenia and estimated to be 5,500 years old.  These are considered to be very high quality for the time and were likely very expensive.

Finally, we have a resource for buying and selling shoes online.  I received an email from Ellen at If The Shoe Doesn’t Fit, which is an auction site where people can sell, swap or shop for shoes.  She let me know that there’s a coupon code SOLES for two free listings and you can also use coupon code SHOES to get five more free listings (expiration unknown).  Update: The SOLES coupon is available indefinitely, while the SHOES coupon is good for 12 months. 

That’s all for now, but have a happy Wednesday!

Halle Berry image from

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The Jeffrey Campbell Tick transforms

Monday, July 26th, 2010

The Jeffrey Campbell Tick is a shoe that has taken on a life of it’s own.  It all started with the solid leather black wedge bootie version that was reinvented with the addition of a thumbtack-studded heel and it has since kept going and going, changing and morphing into various forms along the way.  Ticksters now have even more ways to get their tack on with new styles, like the Jeffrey Campbell Why Stop (pictured above) for $164 in black or brown at Karmaloop.  Yes, why stop, when there are so many possibilities for this bold look?  We have many more Tick varieties to check out, each of which are all tacked up and rarin’ to go:

Totally Futuristic: The Jeffrey Campbell Robot with metal plating for $234.95 at Solestruck.

Freddy Krueger-approved: The Jeffrey Campbell Slash Low, a scaled-down version of the Jeffrey Campbell Slash TK (almost sold out), for $179.95 in white or black at Solestruck.

More slashed-up action: The Jeffrey Campbell Giggle Tic, which sold out quickly the first time it was offered at Karmaloop, is back for $200 – and almost sold out again.

Not shy: The nude Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $164 at Karmaloop or $169.95 at Solestruck.

Closed up shop: The Jeffrey Campbell Ticket (i.e. the Tick sans peep toe) in black/silver or black/gold for $169.95 at Solestruck.

Folded Over & Zipped Up: The Jeffrey Campbell South Street for $188 at Karmaloop or $159.79 at Eilatan.

Classic: The Jeffrey Campbell Tick in black leather or natural burlap for $150 at Karmaloop or in black, natural burlap or white for $169.95 at Solestruck.

Heavy metal: The bronze Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $150 at Karmaloop or $142.79 at Eilatan.

Wild thing: The tribal Jeffrey Campbell Tick for $150 at Karmaloop or $169.95 at Solestruck.  Update: We also have the cheetah and zebra Jeffrey Campbell Tick Fur for $179.95 at Solestruck.

One more: The Jeffrey Campbell Riddle Tack for $151.29 at Eilatan.  Update: There’s also the similar Jeffrey Campbell Tickle Tack for $122.39 at Eilatan.

Note: For purchases at Karmaloop, use coupon code CLINTON to get 20% off your first order and 10% off thereafter (expiration unknown) or code 15FAB for 15% off until 7/31/10.  Solestruck offers free shipping on $99 or on any order for repeat customers (requires log in).

Freddy Krueger photo from Wikipedia.

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Dolce Vita Marilyn knockoff, the N.Y.L.A. Webebe + DSW coupon

Friday, July 23rd, 2010

DSW is dishing out the discounts right now with their new coupon code TOPTIER, which takes $10 off $49, $25 off $99 and $50 off $199 at checkout if you sign in to your DSW account.  There’s definitely something for everyone in their wide selection of women’s shoes, but I spotted a new arrival that’s a dead ringer for the Dolce Vita boots Miley Cyrus and Kim Cattrall (as Samantha Jones) wore in Sex and the City 2.  The Dolce Vita Marilyn from the movie is all but sold out – as is the lookalike version from Bebe, the Bebe Jenna – but now we have another style for anyone who wants to rock a tall strappy boot with a bedazzled minidress (or, perhaps, jeans).  It’s the N.Y.L.A. Webebe in tan, black or grey and DSW has them priced at $129.95.  With the code, your total drops to $104.95.  That’s quite a bit less than the Bebe or the Dolce Vita boots and you can also get free shipping by adding SHIPR along with the other coupon.  The TOPTIER coupon expires 7/26/10 and doesn’t apply to Skechers Shape-Ups or Reebok Easy Tones.

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Harajuku Lovers sandals & more brands on sale at Smartbargains

Thursday, July 22nd, 2010

Smartbargains is having a sweet sandal sale and I couldn’t help but notice the bargains they are offering on Harajuku Lovers shoes.  That’s Gwen Stefani’s line of fun and funky footwear (and many other items) inspired by the street style in the Harajuku area of Tokyo.  I find that the brand is somewhat reminiscent of Gwen’s L.A.M.B. line, but the shoes are much more affordable, and I like the fun, girly details they have, like the heart-shaped buckles and pink sole found on many styles.  Right now, Smartbargains has a selection of Harajuku Lovers sandals marked down to $36.98 or less and you get an additional 30% off each pair if you buy two or more.  Do the math and that adds up to a max of $51.76 for two pairs, which is only $25.88 a piece.  That’s a great deal and the $36.98 Harajuku Lovers Karis (pictured above) is eligible, but let’s check out a few more styles:

Harajuku Lovers Kasi for $36.98 in red, black, blue, brown and natural.

Harajuku Lovers Kameryn for $36.98 in silver, brown or black.

Harajuku Lovers Dalle for $36.98 in black (red is sold out).

For more eligible sandals from a wide variety of brands, check out the entire shoe sale.  The expiration is 7/24/10.

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Naughty Monkey Star Studded & Fiesta mini stud pumps on sale from $32

Wednesday, July 21st, 2010

I’m a fan of Naughty Monkey shoes, so I love finding a great bargain on the brand.  And although I already own the Naughty Monkey Fiesta heel, I’ve had to notice that the same pair is going on sale for super-low prices lately – quite a bit lower than I paid (but they were so worth it).  Amazon has the best price I’ve seen for the black and brown Naughty Monkey Fiesta shoes, which are both priced at $32.38 in most sizes with free shipping.  Another nice price can be found at Piperlime, where the brown and purple versions are marked down to $39.99 (purple is almost sold out) and coupon code EXTRA20 takes another 20% off until 7/22/10, making them $31.99 with free shipping.  From what I can tell, the brown Fiesta has been less popular than, say, the yellow Fiesta, but I can very well imagine pairing it with the other LBD – the little brown dress – with superb results.  If you’ve ever owned a perfect little brown dress, you know what I mean.

Or, you can opt for the similar, but newer, model of mini studded pumps offered by Naughty Monkey.  The Naughty Monkey Star Studded is on sale at 6pm for $47.99, marked down from its MSRP of $79.99.  I’m liking the grey version, which reminds me a bit of those shoes Sarah Jessica Parker wore to the Sex and the City premier with her yellow dress.  Or, you can go for something bright with the blue and pink options or choose classic black, each for the same price.  However, if you like pink, head over to Amazon to get them for $45.86 with free shipping instead and save even more.

To find discounts on addtional Naughty Monkey styles, check out the selection at Amazon and 6pm.  The expiration on the sale prices listed here are unknown.



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More or Less: Charles David Tangier knockoff, the Bakers Bonita

Monday, July 19th, 2010

Ever since doing my post on multicolored shoes for spring featuring the Charles David Tangier (pictured above), I’ve been trying to justify spending $215 on a pair of rainbow sandals that are super-cute but not all that practical or affordable (I still wanted them).  Unfortunately, I couldn’t fit them into the ‘ol budget and I’ve since watched the price go down – they are now $140 at Amazon or $147 at Endless – but I’ve also watched as availability went down even futher, essentially to sold-out territory;  i.e. if you’re a size 5.5, you’re in luck, otherwise not so much.  However, I seriously didn’t expect to see a Charles David Tangier lookalike while casually browsing the shoe selection at Bakers and I was absolutely shocked (read: excited) to see this similar pair for much less:

The Bakers Bonita sandal is basically a replica of the Charles David pair with a much smaller price tag.  You can get it on sale for $39.99 (regularly $79.99) in the multicolored version and they also have a turquoise option for $49.99.  Shipping adds $4.95 or get it free on orders of 75 or more.  Tempting, I say, very tempting.



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