Siobhan Magnus wears Jeffrey Campbell K Genius khaki on American Idol

Since my last post on Siobhan Magnus’ shoes on American Idol, I found out that I must have been on the right track when I thought her white strappy wedge shoes were Jeffrey Campbell.  Her shoes looked like a white version of the Jeffrey Campbell Polish, although I haven’t seen anything other than the black version anywhere.  It could be another shoe completely; however, Siobhan most definitely wore another JC style in her March 23 performance.  I found this out by going to the style section of American Idol’s website, where women’s stylist Soyon An and men’s stylist Miles Siggins talk about what the contestants wear each week.  It’s a great place to go if you see someone wearing a must-have item on the show and you have to know where it’s from.  While they haven’t covered the white wedge yet, I did find out that Siobhan wore Jeffrey Campbell paired with skinny jeans on the March 23 show (pictured above).  That shoe is the Jeffrey Campbell K-Genius and it appears Siobhan is wearing the khaki version, which is out of stock in several places.  However, you can find it on sale at for $139.39 (reduced from $163.99) with free shipping:

Eilatan also offers the black pair with brown straps for the same price, but only one size is left, and the grey version for $147.49 with free shipping.  Karmaloop has the grey pair for $155 and you get 20% off by applying coupon code CLINTON at checkout, which drops them to $124.  Shipping is extra and the expiration date of the coupon is unknown.

Photo of Siobhan found on

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