The Jeffrey Campbell Tick tribal wedge is back

Attention JC Tick fans!  The Jeffrey Campbell Tick in tribal print, one of the many reincarnations of the popular style, is is back for round 2 at Karmaloop.  The tribal version is exclusive to Karmaloop, so you won’t find it anywhere else, and it sold out really quickly the first time they offered it.  They also have the Jeffrey Campbell Tick in black in stock again and both are priced at $150.  Of course, you’ll want to use a Karmaloop coupon to discount your purchase and code CLINTON will take 20% off, making either pair $120.  I’m not sure when the code expires, but I tested it and it works right now. 

Update: It’s sold out at Karmaloop, but Eilatan also offers the Jeffrey Campbell Tick in tribal for $142.79.  Apparently, it’s not exclusive to Karmaloop any longer.  Singer22 also offers it for $264.

Now the question is: Will the Jeffrey Campbell Giggle Tic, the gladiator boot version that sold out even quicker, make a comeback as well?  I’m thinking so.  Update 7/8: It’s back in stock at Karmaloop.

Update2: Ooh, just found two more colors of the Tick that I didn’t know about at, the Jeffrey Campbell Tick in bronze or pewter.  Both are priced at $142.79, marked down from $167.99.  Sweet!  Also, Solestruck has the black Tick and the white Tick back in stock.

Update 3: The Jeffrey Campbell Tick in black and white zebra is now available at Solestruck for $179.95 (sold out).

Update 4: The Tribal Tick is back at Karmaloop.

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  1. Jeffrey Campbell Tick in tribal at Karmaloop for $120 | Fairy Shoe Princess Says:

    […] Update2 3/23: The tribal Tick is back in stock at Karmaloop again – plus I found a bronze and pewter version of the Tick at another store – see the details here. […]

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