Shoes with spikes inspired by Jason Derulo’s American Idol jacket

Are you guys watching American Idol?  I definitely am and I have to say it’s been hard to pick a favorite this year!  The contestants are all talented and likeable in their own way, but I find that I’m partial to the very cool Crystal Bowersox and I thought Casey James had the best performance this week (and, let’s face it, he is pretty cute).  I’m also happy they gave Michael Lynche another chance because he’s really grown on me week after week and he really gives it his all up on stage, probably more so than anyone else.

I also had to notice the spiked jacket that guest performer Jason Derulo (pictured above) wore during his performance of “In My Head” last night.  It’s the kind of thing that’s hard not to notice, actually, which I think is the point.  And just a few hours before I watched the show, I happened across a pair of heels with spikes on the back while surfing online, which I would venture to say are the shoe version of Jason’s jacket.  I definitely took notice of this pair because heels with spikes aren’t exactly the easiest thing to find.  It was most famously done with the Christian Louboutin Very Prive, which I posted about (and attempted to find lookalikes for) after seeing Erin Kaplan wear them on MTV’s The City, but obviously these are out of way budget for most of us and they appear to be completely sold out online.  But, here’s another option:

I wouldn’t call this shoe a knockoff of the Christian Louboutin Very Prive because it is quite different, but I’d say it’s an “inspired by” version.  It’s the Anne Michelle Giovanni 97 spike-studded heel and you can get it in black or gray for just $23.90.  To me, that’s a nice no-guilt, no-commitment price for trying out a trend like spikes because you don’t really know how much or how long you’ll want to wear them.  But, wouldn’t these be really fun to go out in?  They definitely make a strong statement: after all, nothing says alpha-female-fierce like spikes on your shoes.  As an added bonus, they could potentially double as a weapon if the situation called for it (ok, I’m kidding, they probably aren’t sharp enough…or, at least I don’t think so anyway).

If you’re all about this pair, check them out at Urban Original.

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  1. Jason Deluro Says:

    Great find! I love the idea of finding shoe inspiration from Jason’s jacket on American Idol. I’m not sure about the spiky shoes, but I LOVE peep-toe pumps! And $23 ain’t bad at all! Thanks!!
    JD Fan

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