Shoe Buzz: Original runway shoes by Christian Siriano available at Payless

I’ve been watching the Christian Siriano for Payless collection for awhile and I, like many others, had to rant on how toned down the shoes ended up being compared to the runway shoes once they were available for sale (you can see those posts here and here).  For example, the first blue shoe pictured above was translated into this:

It’s ok, but not what you would call Christian Siriano “fierce”, right?  So, I was glad to hear on The Cut that Payless did end up releasing the straight-from-the-runway versions of Siriano’s shoes and I had to go check them out for myself.  And guess what?  They are practically sold out already!  They might be completely gone by the time I post this considering there is only one size left in the All Done Up Mary Jane Pump (pictured in the middle).  The limited-edition shoes are priced higher-than-usual for Payless at $79.99 each, but these sold a lot quicker than the toned down pairs.  I have to say, way to go Payless! 

Update 3/13/10: They are now completely sold out.

Now I’m hoping they’ll do the same for the Christian Siriano Fall 2010 collection.  You can see those shoes at NitroliciousUpdate: We have word that select fall 2010 runway styles will be sold at Payless in September for under $50.


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    […] Update: The original runway shoes became available for sale at Payless, but are now sold out.  See the latest post here. […]

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