More or Less: Betsey Johnson Nina & Not Rated In LA (plus, the Not Rated Inked)

I think the Betsey Johnson Nina in cream is super-adorable, yet sophisticated, with its contrasting stripes and studded bow.  There was also a very appealing red, black and white version available at one time that appears to be sold out online.  You can get the best price on the cream pair at, where it is on sale for $176.99 with free shipping, but few sizes are left. also has them for $251.99 and coupon code MSAVE takes an additional 20% off, making them $201.59.  While this isn’t an outrageous amount of money, it’s still a big chunk of change for many of us and not always doable on a tight budget.

Enter the Not Rated In LA, which offers similar stripes – just in different colors – and a studded bow.  If given the choice (i.e. free reign to spend as much as I want), I would opt for the Betsey Johnson pair because they look higher in quality overall and I prefer the color scheme, but the Not Rated pair is definitely a cute alternative at a much lower price.  You can get this style in black or yellow at for $50 and the 20% off MSAVE code reduces them to $40 with free shipping.  There’s also a blue/white/red version available at for $49.99 with free shipping.

Speaking of Not Rated, I saw this promo photo on Endless and had to find out which shoes were featured here:

And, you guessed it, they are from Not Rated as well (of note, Not Rated shoes are made by the same company as one of my fave brands, Naughty Monkey).  This is the Not Rated Inked:

These pump-boot hybrid shoes clearly look hot with boyfriend jeans and they’re nicely affordable too.  You can get these in black or cream for $60.95 (most sizes) with free shipping at Endless.  However, has them for $60 and the 20% MWAVE code drops them to $48 with free shipping.  They also have the yellow pair, which is now sold out at Endless.  Coupon expiration is unknown.

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