Sale Spotlight: Major discounts on designer shoes at Amazon

I had to bring out the sale spotlight again after my mom alerted me to the Last Chance Designer Sale going on at Amazon and, as usual, mom knows best – this is definitely a whopper of a sale (thanks ma!).  During this sale, you can get steep discounts of up to 85% on select designer shoes, including styles from Georgina Goodman, Casadei, Bally, Ruthie Davis and more.  These are shoes that normally cost hundreds of dollars and virtually all of them are marked down to under $150 (and some well under), plus you get free shipping.  Size selection for many styles is limited, as is the norm for this kind of “last chance” sale, but I managed to find a few pairs that have decent availability and a steep discount.  Let’s check them out:

Donna Karan Sequined Peep Toe Pump in black or grey for $114.60 (list price $764.95)

Georgina Goodman Felicity in red or black for $108 (list price $720)

Sui Generis Saphire in solid black or red diamond for $101.85 (list price $679.95)

Georgina Goodman Fia in grey for $120 (list price $800)

Georgina Goodman Cher in dark brown for $110.25 (list price $735)

See all of the shoes in the sale for more.  For best results, select your size on this page to narrow it down to available options.  Sale expiration is unknown.

2 Responses to “Sale Spotlight: Major discounts on designer shoes at Amazon”

  1. Barbara Says:

    What a sale!

  2. Barbara Says:

    What a great sale! Beautiful shoes.

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