More or Less: Kim from Real Housewives red feather shoes lookalike

I know a lot of people have been interested in the dramatic red feathered heels that Kim Zolciak from The Real Housewives of Atlanta wore last season to castmate Kandi’s birthday party.  It’s been quite awhile since we saw her wear them on the Bravo show, but I’ve found that people are still looking for them, even to this day. I mentioned before that I thought they were Christian Louboutin, but wasn’t able to pinpoint the exact style. However, I’ve since found out that they are the Christian Louboutin Anemone Plume (seen here at Miss Lovely) and it doesn’t appear they were ever sold online.  In fact, it was hard to find a picture of the red version – I found the image above on the Superhero blog – and I’m guessing they are no longer available.  But, I came across this feathered shoe by Nina today, which I think is a viable alternative:

Sure, they aren’t red and they aren’t Louboutin, but the look of the Nina Xtina is quite similar and offers plenty of plumage at a fraction of the cost.  You can get these at Macy’s for $99.95 and they are also having a nice little sale right now that takes 50% off your second pair of shoes when you buy one.  If you don’t see your size or don’t plan to buy a second pair, get them for the same price at Zappos with free shipping included. 

Zappos also offers the white and ivory versions, which are particularly perfect for brides searching for a bridal feather shoe.

If only the Anemone will do, try contacting a Christian Louboutin boutique for more info on its availability.


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    […] exactly the easiest thing to come across.  There was definitely a lot of interest in those red feather Louboutin heels seen on Kim from Bravo’s The Real Housewives, but it’s not […]

  2. Leonid Says:

    I do not watch “The real housewives” and I feel myself not strong enough to read the article to the end, but I really strive for these Louboutin pumps with feathers, for it is really something especial…

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