Shoe Buzz: Shoe-Han a no-go for Dina Lohan

Dina Lohan’s shoe line for Love My Shoes, which was tentatively called Shoe-Han and set to debut around Mother’s Day of this year, is officially not going to happen.  Love My Shoes cites “continued economic sluggishness and the prevalent mood of today’s shoppers” as the reason for the deal falling through.  While it’s true that the economy has resulted in people being more particular and careful about what they buy, it’s been said that shoes are selling well despite the recession.  I think it may have more to do with the less-than-positive reaction to the October announcement of the line and the fact that the market is already over-saturated with celebrity fashion.  Dina is known for being Lindsay’s mom, not a true celebrity in her own right with her own solid fan base, and the public perception of her has often been negative – she’s been criticized in part for her mothering skills and hard-partying ways.  While that may or may not be accurate, she’s also not particularly known or admired for her style.  Dina seemed to be aiming for a youthful, trendy kind of look with her shoes, but that market may not respond well to her.  All in all, it seems to be a good decision on Love My Shoes part, but Dina isn’t giving up.  A spokesperson says, “There was a miscommunication over finances, this was too local and we need a larger partner. We are currently exploring other options, and we will have another announcement soon.”  Daughter Lindsay also has plans for her own line of shoes as part of the expansion of her 6126 leggings line.

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