Jeffrey Campbell Tick in tribal at Karmaloop for $120



The Jeffrey Campbell Tick is definitely one of those shoes that invokes a strong reaction.  From what I can tell, it’s a “love it or hate it” kind of style with not much in-between.  And those who love it, well, they really love it.  Just check out the blogs of Jeffrey Campbell and Solestruck, who report the frenzy of emails and calls they’ve received about this shoe and it’s availability.  Personally, I’m a fan – I sang the praises of the white and burlap versions in my Christmas Eve post.  I can see why it might be a bit extreme for some people, but that’s what makes it such a statement-making, head-turning kind of style.  I also love interesting details on the heel of a shoe and the series of small metal tacks used all over the wedge of the Tick definitely qualifies as unique.  We’ve seen this pair in black, white and burlap so far and Solestruck reports that a zebra version will be available soon.  We also now have a tribal Jeffrey Campbell Tick, which is exclusively at Karmaloop and available for preorder now:

Karmaloop notes in their blog that the Tick Shoe in Tribal appears to be inspired by the Givenchy Spring 2010 collection.  At first glance, I wasn’t too sure about the busy design on these, but I tend to like the Tick better when I see it actually being worn.  I can imagine the possibilities much more with this photo:

Yes, I think there are plenty of little black dresses out there that need an infusion of this wild, untamed style.  If you love.want.need the tribal Tick for yourself, head over to Karmaloop and get them for $150.  Apply coupon code XOXO for another 20% off, which makes them $120.  Coupon expires 2/16/10.

Update 2/20: It looks like Karmaloop is currently sold out.

Update2 3/23: The tribal Tick is back in stock at Karmaloop again – plus I found a bronze and pewter version of the Tick at another store – see the details here.

Update3: It’s sold out at Karmaloop again, but Eilatan also offers the Jeffrey Campbell Tick in tribal for $142.79.  Apparently, it’s not exclusive to Karmaloop any longer.  Singer22 also offers it for $264.

Update 4: It’s back again at Karmaloop.

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