Christian Siriano for Payless Spring 2010 shoes available at Payless

I was checking out the shoes at Payless today and noticed some new Christian Siriano for Payless spring styles are now available.  Just like we saw with his Fall 2009 collection, the shoes are much different from those that were shown on the runway.  The pictures above, found on, were seen in September 2009 during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week and they feature claw heels, super-high platforms and edgy embellishments, like large, shiny buckles and straps.  Here are the shoes (or some of them) now:

Christian Siriano for Payless Coast Printed Satin Pump in blue for $34.99

Christian Siriano for Payless Coast Printed Satin Pump in orange for $34.99

Christian Siriano for Payless Downtown Zip Sandal in snake or black for $34.99

As you can see, all of the details that made these shoes interesting on the runway are absent and the only real similarity is the fabric.  I can understand toning things down for the masses and the need to keep the shoes affordable by keeping production costs down, but then I have to wonder why the shoes are shown on the runway in the first place.  Sure, they create plenty of buzz, but the typical Payless customer may not know about the runway shoes, or even who Christian Siriano is for that matter.  I thought these collections were aimed to gain a different kind of customer – i.e. one who does pay attention to Fashion Week and what designers are doing and who may not normally shop at Payless.  This kind of customer might be willing to buy these shoes, even at a higher price, if some of the original elements were retained that made the shoes edgy and unique.  Maybe the claw heel is too extreme for Payless, but they could have raised the platform and made the toe more pointy, which surely couldn’t raise costs by that much.  That’s my 2-cents, what do you think of the shoes?

One thing you can call these shoes is affordable, particularly right now during the Payless BOGO sale, which takes 50% off your second pair until 2/15/10, including the Christian Siriano for Payless shoes.  You can also get another 20% off with coupon code 30445 until 2/28/10.  That makes any two of the above pairs $41.99 total with $5.95 extra for shipping or free shipping to your local store.

Update: The original runway shoes became available for sale at Payless, but are now sold out.  See the latest post here.


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  1. Megan Says:

    I agree! The actual shoes are pretty ho-hum compared to the runway ones! Seems they would debut shoes they are actually going to sell.

  2. Shoe Buzz: Original runway shoes by Christian Siriano available at Payless | Fairy Shoe Princess Says:

    […] being compared to the runway shoes once they were available for sale (you can see those posts here and here).  For example, the first blue shoe pictured above was translated into […]

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