Shoe Buzz: Taylor Jacobson shows off her shoes on Everyday Minerals blog


Fans of The Rachel Zoe Project on Bravo know that Taylor Jacobson is no longer the princess of queen Rachel’s style empire after being fired…or quitting to style on her own…well, it’s a little unclear what happened actually. I can’t say I wasn’t disappointed to hear the news.  Taylor may have come across as moody throughout much of the show and she did complain a lot, but I can understand her work frustration.  After all, she had the highest level of seniority in Rachel Zoe Inc. (besides Rachel, of course), but she always seemed to be stuck with every less-than-glam styling task and all of the legwork while Rachel and her other assistant Brad were seen out and about doing things like meeting with designers, giggling and traveling to Paris together.  Taylor was also frustrated by her lack of advancement to higher-level tasks and, while she did receive a promotion to head of product development for Rachel’s QVC line in the finale, I had a feeling she wasn’t so keen on having Rachel’s hubbie Rodger as her new boss.  Whatever the case may be, you have to admit she was the coolest chick on the show and I’ll miss her edgy, rocker style and deadpan quips next season.  It remains to be seen if Rachel Zoe’s new stylist will truly be able to fill her shoes.  In the meantime, we can check out Taylor’s shoes – her actual shoes – in her blog called Love, Taylor, which is part of her new gig as the face for Everyday Minerals.  In one of her first posts, Taylor reveals the shoes in her closet and – wow – check out all of the Louboutins!

I’ve covered Taylor’s shoes from The Rachel Zoe Project before (also here), so I knew she favored the brand, but I didn’t know just how much.  Red soles everywhere, ladies!  I don’t know about you, but I’m catching a little case of shoe envy right now just looking at it.  In addition to sharing her shoes, Taylor also dishes about other style and beauty tidbits, like her signature Ray-Ban shades, her favorite perfume, a surprisingly simple hair care secret (hint: it’s normally used on baby bottoms only) and, of course, mineral makeup.  And, to help clear things up, she writes, “Since Season 2 aired, I’ve decided to pursue my fashion styling career independently.”  So, there you have it!  You can check out more from Taylor over at Everyday Minerals.

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