More or Less: Dolce Vita Marilyn & Bebe Jenna look-alike boots from Sex and the City sequel

I previously posted about the boots Miley Cyrus wears in Sex and the City 2 in the cameo scene she shares with Kim Cattrall’s character, Samantha Jones.  They wear the exact same dress on the red carpet and the same knee-high boots, which are either the Bebe Jenna or the Dolce Vita Marilyn.  I’m not sure which one considering Bebe says on Twitter that it’s the Jenna and Dolce Vita says on their blog that it’s the Marilyn.  I tend to lean toward Dolce Vita, but they look virtually the same, so it’s hard to say.  However, the $248 Bebe Jenna is currently sold out at Bebe (coming back soon) and it’s a bit out of budget for some of us.  The same for the Dolce Vita Marilyn, which is currently priced from $207 up to $365.  However, we do have look-alikes for both of these pairs that cost way less.

Urban Originals has the Fahrenheit Kamy (pictured above) priced at just $26.99 in five color options.

There’s also the Bamboo Beat from Urban Originals, which is $31.50 and comes in four color options:

So, even if you can’t afford the exact boot seen in the movie, you can still get that fab Sex and the City style for much, much less.

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  1. Shoe Buzz: Sex and the City 2 shoe style for less | Fairy Shoe Princess Says:

    […] is also out of stock (with more coming soon it appears).  For less expensive lookalikes, see this post or check out this pair that reminds me of the Marilyn, except in a lighter, more summer-y […]

  2. Amanda Sell Says:

    Better imitation for $130

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