Message from Princess: Beautiful blogger award

She’s near and dear to my heart and a first time mom-to-be: it’s the talented Meg at Two Pounds a Week, who was sweet enough to give me a Beautiful Blogger Award!  Thanks Meg!  So, apparently there are a few rules to go by when receiving this award – you must thank the person who gave it to you (done), reveal seven random things about yourself and pass along the award to seven other bloggers.  So, here it goes:

1.  I’ve loved writing since childhood.  I often spent hours upon hours at a time writing stories and illustrating them and I still have stacks of notebooks to show for it.

2.  I’m a mom to two sweet little angels, both girls.  It works out well because I still enjoy playing Barbies.

3.  I’m not a big fan of text messaging.  It’s totally appropriate at certain times, but it tends to annoy me when I spend time typing out something that would take 2 seconds to say.

4.  I once worked for Nintendo as a local rep and I got to travel to the corporate office to meet Mario in person.  Ok, it was someone dressed up as Mario, but it was exciting nonetheless.  I also helped launch the Nintendo DS when it first came out.

5.  I’ve loved fashion since the age of three, when I nixed my mom’s pick for my Easter dress at a store and picked out my own frilly, lacey concoction, along with all of the matching accessories.

6.  Writing about shoes is my dream job – even if it’s more of a hobby and creative outlet right now.  I also have a pipe-dream about owning a totally awesome skating rink.

7.  When getting this website designed, I decided I wanted the princess to change shoes – she wears a different pair when you click on the Going Out, Going ALL Out, Getting Casual, Going to Work, Working Out and Staying In categories on the top left.  Man, those were some expensive shoes! :)

So, now I’ll nominate seven other bloggers.  Each are fabulous in their own way and fun to read, with many being fellow shoe bloggers that I enjoy keeping up with:

Jessica at Polished Sense

Kim at Shoeaholics Anonymous

Candi at Candi Cobbler (I just discovered this blog, she is learning how to make her own shoes, which I think is super-cool)

Anna at Shoe Smitten

New blogger FancyFeet over at Shoe Blog

Stacy at A Girl’s Guide to Shoes

My website designer Meredith at Spiffy Boutiques

If any of you happen to see this, I’d love to hear your answers!

Have a great Saturday!

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  1. Meg Says:

    Thanks for the sweet post!! :)

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