Message from Princess: Happy holidays to you

I hope everyone is having a wonderful holiday!!  I’m really looking forward to spending time with my family, eating a delicious Christmas dinner and exchanging gifts.  I have so much to be thankful for, including this blog, which I started a year ago and have had so much fun with.  I appreciate everyone who has followed and kept up with it and I’m definitely looking forward to another year full of cute shoes!

I’m taking a little vacay, up in a cozy cabin in the mountains, and will be sans computer and anything else technically-related for a few days after Christmas, so I won’t be updating the site during that time.  Yes, we all need to unplug and recharge our batteries once in awhile.  But, I will be back with a vengeance right before New Year’s and I’m totally looking forward to it.  Be sure to check back!

Before I go, I must say that I have visions of these shoes dancing in my head:

Jeffrey Campbell Tick in natural burlap for $169.95 at Solestruck

It’s a wedge…it’s a bootie…it’s a…wootie?  A bedge?  Whatever it’s called, I’m loving it.  The studs on the heel look like those little metal tacks you use on bulletin boards, but the way they just barely overlap makes them look slightly reptilian.

I’m also dreaming of a white Christmas:

Jeffrey Campbell Tick in white for $169.95 at Solestruck

I’ll be back soon!!



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