More or Less: Alexander McQueen Faithful & GoJane Zipper Foldover Bootie


Hmm…this is kind of interesting.  You’ve probably heard the news about Steve Madden getting getting sued by Alexander McQueen for their $129 Steve Madden Syrena bootie, which McQueen says is a copy of their $1,155 Alexander McQueen Faithful bootie.  As a result, the shoe is no longer being sold at Steve Madden and everyone is waiting to see what the judge’s decision will ultimately be.


But, one retailer isn’t waiting around to see what happens.  GoJane offers another obvious knock-off of the Faithful bootie on their site right now, the GoJane Zipper Foldover Bootie for $36.70.  GoJane is known for offering very low-priced styles that look similar to expensive designer shoes, but it remains to be seen if McQueen decides to take action against them too.  Is the GoJane pair different enough or inexpensive enough for McQueen to ignore?

Steve Madden

Personally, I don’t see anything wrong with shoes “inspired by” premium designer pairs.  The designers are looked upon to set most of the trends, but clearly they don’t serve every market, and there’s a big difference in the customer base of Alexander McQueen and that of Steve Madden.  Then again, I don’t like exact copies either.

This kind of thing is so widespread and it’s been going on so long, I’m not sure how successful McQueen will be.  It even happens to more economical shoe companies, like Keds.  In their heyday (and even now), there were a gazillion Keds knock-offs that looked identical except for the little blue Keds plastic rectangle on the back of the shoe.  There was also that recent Forever 21/Trovata lawsuit that didn’t end up setting any precedents.  I think it’s hard to set specific laws or guidelines on design due to all of the variables that come into play (quality of materials, exact design elements, brand perception, etc), so it seems if something was going to be done, it would be done already.

What do you think?  Are the Steve Madden and GoJane pairs A-Ok or too close for comfort?

Update: I saw this ALDO Haga at ALDO and it appears to be inspired by the McQueen pair as well, but it’s not an exact copy.  This pair is priced at $120.  Another similar pair is this motorcycle bootie at Wet Seal priced at $19.50.

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