Shoe Buzz: Check out the Jimmy Choo H&M Preview Video

Anticipation just keeps building for the Jimmy Choo H&M Collection, which will hit stores November 14.  As I reported before, there were preview photos circulating the internet back in September, but we can go straight to the source now that H&M offers a Jimmy Choo for H&M Collection preview video right on their website.  So, you may be wondering about the price points.  The video and slide show provide prices for a few of the shoes and they are all in the $69.99-$99.99 range, but their over-the-knee boot is reported to be $299 (in comparison, a regular Jimmy Choo OTK boot will set you back well over $1,000).  So, what about quality?  Jimmy Choo founder Tamara Mellon tells WWD “It was a challenge for us to create high-quality pieces at an H&M price point”, but all of the shoes will be made from real leather.

This marks a couple firsts for both H&M and Jimmy Choo.  It’s H&M’s first designer shoe line and it’s the first time Jimmy Choo has delved into designing apparel, which is also included in this collection.  Although original Jimmy Choo lovers may worry that a budget line may dilute the luxury brand, this won’t be an on-going strategy for the company.  Chief executive Joshua Schulman tells the New York Times:

““The H&M project is a ‘flash,’ a ‘moment in time’ and as such allows us to explore a younger client base and other product categories for a limited time basis…[it isn’t] an ongoing diffusion strategy in any way.”

However, Jimmy Choo does have plans to expand in other areas to further transition into a “lifestyle” brand. According to the NYT article, they plan to introduce Jimmy Choo scarves, expand their handbag and eyewear lines and develop a Jimmy Choo fragrance, in addition to other luxury items.

“We remain deeply committed to our overall luxury positioning,” says Schulman.  In other words, if you love the Jimmy Choo H&M Collection like I do, get in on it while you can.  Find a store near you here.

Update: The preview video/slideshow is no longer available at the above links, but you can see their new information here. It looks like some of the price points have changed as well.  Most of the shoes are now $129-149, but there are some pairs that were listed at $69.99-$99.99 before.

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