Sale Spotlight: Up to $200 off Betsey Johnson shoes

The official Betsey Johnson website doesn’t offer coupon codes all that often, but when they do, they do it with a bang (in typical Betsey style).  They’ve just released three coupon codes that’ll knock your purchase down an additional $75-$200 depending on how much you spend.  You get $75 off $200 with BIGSPEND200, $125 off $300 with BIGSPEND300 and $200 off $400 with BIGSPEND400.  It even applies to sale items!  So, this is when math can be quite fun and there are a few ways you can work this deal to your best advantage:

Option 1: Get $75 off one pair







The Betsey Johnson Capri in black is on sale for $206.50.  Get $75 off using code BIGSPEND200, bringing your total to $131.50.  I don’t see this boot for a better price anywhere right now.

Option 2: Get $125 off 2 pairs







At $150 each, the Betsey Johnson Caleb and the Betsey Johnson Cala meet the $300 minimum for code BIGSPEND300.  When bought together, they total $175 after discount.  That’s only $25 more than either one by themselves.

Option 3: Get $200 off 3 pairs

The Betsey Johnson Calder, the Betsey Johnson Carlos and the Betsey Johnson Gen are normally $408 when bought together.  Use code BIGSPEND400 and get all three for $208 with free shipping.  That’s like getting the $200 leopard bootie for free.

There are plenty of other possibilities here, so check out the Betsey Johnson shoes and get a great deal for yourself before this deal expires on 10/25/09.

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